Whether you're a start-up travel agency looking to build a great travel website, or an experienced travel agency looking to develop and rebuild a better and optimized website. Or, if you are an entrepreneur thinking of starting a travel agency. There are quite a few opportunities here. However, it is important that you be present online when all products and services are available online.

Every tour operator should keep up with the latest in marketing strategies, software and facilities. Such tools help you better manage your business and automate a lot of your boring daily chores.

Discover Best tools to helps tour operators deal with their business and successfully promote and sell your tours and save time and resources by owning a convenient tour operator plugin useful.

As you may have noticed, there are plenty of online tour operator tools you will need to set up and run your business. There are marketing, management, chat and communication tools and more. In this article, we present the best plugin to help you with your travel business. This is called WordPress Tour Operator Plugin.

Introduction Of WordPress Tour Operator Pro Plugin

tour operator, Introduction Of WordPress Tour Operator Pro Plugin


WordPress Tour Operator Pro plugin is a powerful and effective tool which is created by professional developers. This plugin is best suits for travel agencies and tour companies.

With this plugin, you can easily turn your website into a travel social network, helping your customers to review famous tourist destinations, share reviews about the quality of services you bring. Again your website will heave high visits and increase revenue everyday.

It is a perfect solution for tour operators, travel agents and travel ticket sellers, making it possible for them to easily handle the tour management system and allow customers to book any package Any online tours do from their website.

What's more, tours come with a flexible online booking system that allows the date of the tour to be set according to time. If a tour runs steadily for a month and then on a specific number of days, there is no need to create additional tours, all can be set up in one. You can also specify a number of tickets for each stage of a visit.

Furthermore, this best WordPress booking plugin is compatible with many WordPress travel theme so you can easily utilize it. Also, this plugin comes with many powerful and great features that make the customer experience more comfortable and satisfying than ever before like a powerful backend dashboard for both admin and client, secure payment methods such as Paypal, credit cards, full online documents, ...  Therefore, with all this information above, this is the best Tour Operator plugin for any kind of travel business and any travel and travel agency should have for their website.

Some of the powerful features of the WordPress Tour Operator Pro

tour operator, Here are some of the powerful features of the WordPress Tour Operator Pro


1. Save time and increase customer orders: Online tour searches give customers more freedom. They can look at all the information to choose the tour that suits them best - all without having to call. What's more, you can manage your online booking 24/7 easily and quickly.

2. Tour operator pro: This feature helps you to view and manage your travel website. List profits every month, every year, receive customer orders, make a reservation, save customer information, ...

3. Powerful searching tool: Using this plugin, your customers will easily find the tour that suits their needs with a useful search engine that can find tours based on the destination, tour type, or just simply what they want to do.

4. Adjust tour information: In the auxiliary page, you can add or remove tour information and photos. This information will appear to your customer on your website

5. Save and check order and customer information: Your customer and order information will be saved in backend page.

6. Itinerary information: Knowing exactly what to do is a very important factor in deciding whether a customer will buy your tour or not. With this feature, you can add an itinerary specific to each day of a tour so your guests have a clear view of what will happen during their visit.

7. Add discount: You can add or delete discounts to attract customers

8. Easily Booking: After viewing the tour details, your customers can book the tour with just one click to book and one page to fill out their details before checkout.

9. Unlimited travel packages: Unlimited number of trips. You can add a trip, trip gallery, description, regular prices, deals, duration, etc.

10.Trip Facts: You can create 'Trip facts' like group size, facilities, accommodation, best times to visit, and more, and then add trip data to different trips.

11. Activities Page: You can create different activity pages like hiking, sightseeing tours, mountain biking, skiing, and more. You can then connect different trips with these activities. For example, if a customer visits the Hiking page, they'll be able to see all trips that include hiking.

How customers use this Plugin?

Step 1: Go to website

Step 2: They can search for tours by choosing destinations or activities

Step 3: After clicking on the tour, your customers will see all the details you put on it

Step 4: Customers enter their information and a payment option for the tour in this step

Step 5: Finally, customers confirm their reservation information.

The overview of How to use Tour Operator plugin


Using WordPress Tour Operator Pro plugin is very easy by following 3 main steps as below:

Step 1. Install plugin: Plugins => Add New => Upload Plugin. Choose a file of this plugin to upload and install the file.

Step 2. Active plugin: After installing the plugin, you change the plugin's status to active so you can use it.

Step 3. Add information: Add the tour information and photos you want to your guests

You can see the overview of How to install a WordPress Tour Operator Pro plugin here:


The WordPress Tour Operator Pro plugin is one of the best travel booking plugins available today. It is developed for travel agents and tour operators of all sizes. Besides helping you in creating multiple travel and tour packages for multiple travel agencies and travel agents, it also helps you manage your travel package booking system easily and help increase your bookings. . What are you waiting for without immediately accessing the demo link here to experience it.

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