Attachment for Virtuemart Product

If you have any personal or professional website, an option to attach the file is needed so you can easily insert any type of file or document into it.

Here we have Attachment for Virtuemart Product that will help you add more features to your website. It will be especially working in adding media files and attachments to your post, page, or homepage. Today, CMSmart will share with you how to install and configure Attachment for Virtuemart Product.

Why your site should have an Attachment for Virtuemart Product:

  • Attach an unlimited number of files: Administrators can attach an unlimited number of files on the product detail page.
  • Download attachments: Virtuemart shoppers can download attachments.
  • Supports many file types: Attachments can be manuals in PDF or Microsoft Word format or Excel, PNG, JPEG, Zip, and Media files (Mp3, mp4).
  • Upload multiple files at once: You can upload multiple files at the same time with just one click.
  • Easy configuration: You can configure the width of the upload table right in the back-end

Steps to install and configure Attachment for Virtuemart Product:

If you do not have much knowledge about technology, do not worry, because with 4 steps you also easily install for your site an excellent Virtuemart extension as Attachment for Virtuemart Product:

  • Step 1: Download the plugin and install it like a Joomla installation.
  • Step 2: Enable Joomla Plugin in Virtuemart Configuration. Please go to Administrator -> Component -> Virtuemart -> Configuration -> Shop -> check Enable Joomla Plugin
  • Step 3: Go to Extensions -> Plugins, enabled the plugin, and set up basic options.
  • Step 4: Go to a product -> Product Description -> Click Upload multi files button -> Select files -> Save.

Follow video to install and configure Attachment for Virtuemart Product:

How to install and configure Attachment for Virtuemart Product?

Attachment for Virtuemart Product will help you attach files on Virtuemart product detail pages. You just need to install the plugin normally, enable it then you can attach files to your Virtuemart products, no need to do anything else. Try our DEMO and you'll be convinced right there!

If you have any problems during the installation process, don't hesitate to contact our support team, we will have resolved it immediately. Don't forget using coupon code MAR_DL to get 18% Discount for this item. We would be pleased to receive your feedback on this article. Please leave your comments or contact me at the information below.

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