Virtuemart Cart Pro Extension

There is a persistent worry between online sellers and abandoned orders. How to ensure that people do not give up their shopping carts and if they do so, they will come back to it? While the reason for shopping cart abandonment is numerous, from a higher than expected price to a complex payment process, we now have a solution.

Cart Pro module that allows customers to add, remove, and update products in a much easy way, without needing to reload the cart continuously using Ajax pop-up. The cart pro extension can be an immediate solution for your customers to continue shopping without waiting for the pages to get refreshed. Today, I will show you how to install and use the Virtuemart Cart Pro Extension.

 Virtuemart Cart Pro Extension Features:

  • Clients can access the cart from any pages because it is pinned flexibly on the sidebar.
  • Admin can choose to show on the left-center / right-center sidebar of your website so that customers can use it easily.
  • Fly to cart effect Thereby, when a client clicks onto the “add to cart” button, the item will fly to the cart. This makes a great shopping experience for the client.
  • Confirmation pop-up After adding items, the client can see the confirmed message that is shown on a pop-up. It saves space on your site.
  • Quickly open the cart
  • Auto-update the cart without redirecting to another page
  • Access cart from anywhere
  • Nice effect for cart 
  • Customize the cart’s position

Steps to install and use Virtuemart Cart Pro Extension:

Step 1: Install the Virtuemart Cart Pro Extension. Go to Administrator, upload and install this extension

Step 2: Config this module in back-end

  • Go to Module Manager, choose Enable and click Module
  • Select status is Published
  • You can choose the display location of the cart

Step 3: Overview extension  when installing on the other templates

With this extension, users do not need to go to the shopping cart page. Because the user can see all cart details in the sidebar. Below is a video of how to install and use the Virtuemart Cart Pro Extension:

How to install and use the Virtuemart Cart Pro Extension?

If you have a VirtueMart website and are concerned about abandoned carts then the Virtuemart Cart Pro Extension I discussed today may be able to increase your sales. If you want to experience our product then using DEMO is another great option to consider.

If you have any questions, feel free to feedback here. My colleagues and I am willing to support you. Don't forget using coupon code MAR_DL to get 18% Discount for this item. Thanks for reading. 

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