Hi Guys,

We have a lot of settings for the interface of the website such as footer format, layout, color customization options to make your website interface optimized and special. Let's explore some interesting options you can try with your website. 

Multiple Footers

This theme includes a ton of footer options so you can choose your own suitable one

Go to Backend -> Click on Footer

Multi layouts for product category or detail

I think you have many options to show your category with products on list or grid and you can change its content also. You can edit title, sidebar, meta layout, and tons of things to make your product page beautiful.

Go to Backend -> WooCommerce -> Product Category (Product Detail) -> Edit Title, Layout,…


"Menu" layout for product category page

The products are displayed as the menu and this is the uniqueness of this theme

Go to Backend -> Menu -> Edit Page, Menu,…


Custom Element style

Easily to change many elements for many features to enhance your website

Go to Backend -> Elements -> Edit Title Section, Button, …


Unlimited custom color variations

I will show you how to customize unlimited color variations. This feature is quite interesting, let's learn how to do it!

Select and set dozens of color for your elements which are using our Custom Color PickerGo to backend -> Appearance -> Customize  -> Color:

          1. Edit Primary Color, Background in General:


          2. Edit Header color in Header:


          3. Edit Footer color in Footer:

          4. Edit Button Color in Buttons:


          5. Edit Text, link in Type:

Dozens of Blog category layouts

Amazing features that will make your blog or magazine stand out among others.

You can design your own awesome blog page with many styles and layouts that attracting readers.

Go to the Backend -> Blog -> Edit Layout, …


Various Google Fonts

Over 800 google font which you can use and upload. Being stored on Google’s servers, displaying them will be fast & reliable.

Go to Backend -> Click on Typography -> Edit Font

Moreover easily change and control your typography as well as fonts style to make your site stand out of your competitors in Heading Font, Font Subset.

Above are some of the installation options we want to recommend. If you know any interesting options leave a comment, let's share to learn.

Best Regard