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If you're running a business where you regularly set up appointments directly with your customers, you already know the importance of presenting your services to attract customers. You want to customize your website to reflect your business goals without having to touch the source code. However, you do not know how to properly insert and organize your services onto the site.

I have a suggestion for you. WordPress Appointment Booking & Scheduling with WooCommerce is an on-site online scheduling system. With this plugin, you can easily customize the site the way you want just by dragging and dropping blocks.

Now your customers can see all your available services. Then choose what is convenient for them, they will be less likely to miss the appointment and the customer participation rate will increase.

Below, I will share with you how to insert blocks into your website. Come with me!

3 steps to insert blocks into your website with WP Appointment:

Step 1: Install Elementor

Step 2: Create the page where you want to insert the blocks

Step 3: Drag and drop blocks

Here is a detailed video tutorial on how to insert blocks into your website:

There are many online booking plugins out there, but not all of them allow you to customize the blocks on your website. Installing WP Appointment Booking & Scheduling with WooCommerce is worthwhile because it helps improve customer experience and ultimately grow your customer base. Find out more at our DEMO.

WP Appointment will bring many huge benefits as below:

  • Enhance Productivity and Service Quality: With an organized appointment booking system, you can set specific working hour limits for all employees including day-offs. You can set a specific number of working days for each employee so that the clients can book appointments as per the staff availability. The systematic workflow helps to raise the productivity of the staff members ensuring the clients receive the best service quality every time.
  • Schedule Appointments: WP Appointment is a clean, simple tool with powerful calendar scheduling features that can handle all your salon appointment bookings. Features include online booking, unlimited payments, and mobile apps.
  • Manage your clients: Maintain client relationships with advanced appointment software management features with detailed client appointments history, booking preferences, future bookings, and contact details.
  • Reduce No-Shows: Send automated reminders and custom messages to clients about appointments and notify them of any changes. The Shedul Scheduling app is the best software for Salons and Spas.

In general, if you want to increase customer engagement, you should show them that you are the best option they have. And WP Appointment Booking & Scheduling with WooCommerce will protect you.

If you have any questions about this product, please contact us, we will help you.

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