Clip art is a collection of pictures,  typically organized into categories, such as people, objects, nature, etc., which is especially helpful when browsing through thousands of images. This is the powerful tool of Web to Print stores. It is very useful for both printing shop owner and their customers. You can add art, change colors, move, resize, rotate, delete art, flip, center function and so on. Customers can search by category which admin add the admin panel. 

For Wordpress product online designer plugin you can Manage And Add New Clip Arts in your product in an easy way. Then the product will become more creative. The free Media library is available on WooCommerce Online Designer Plugin and printing functions are the outstanding features compared to our competitors. NBdesigner is built for all types of the printing company which helps customers draw their idea in the fastest way.

manage and add clip art

Some highlight features on Wordpress product online designer plugin

1. Add text and 200 typography: A customer can add text with various colors, fonts or sizes. And they can search the name of their favorite fonts in the search bar.

2. Qr code - Card: Easily scan the QR code, you can get all the information by scanning the QR code by your mobile. 

3. Variety sample images: Customers can select images from many different sources such as their computer, Url, Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Webcam or Pixabay and Unsplash. They can search by name from some sources.

4. Upload design file: If you have your available unique design, you can upload it on our products to visualize how it is.

5. Design guidelines: Specific standards and requirements for designs are predetermined by the shop owners which easily come to customers.

6. Various elements: There are 200+ photo frames, 60+ icon items on icon category with 25 000+ icon and 400+ shapes in which you can express your feeling in the best way. You can search for the name of your favorite element. 

7. Powerful Layers: Drag and drop to sort layers and change layers stack.

8. Free hand Drawing: Especially, you also can use many available brush to draw, you can create your own signature. 

Follow this tutorial video to manage and add new clip arts with NBdesigner

How to manage and add new clip arts with Woocommerce Product designer plugin? 

Enhance your customer experience with using Wordpress product online designer plugin. I hope with the information provided many useful things. If you need any help figuring out please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help. to discover more products, you can click Live Demo. Moreover, Cmsmart offers you a coupon code MAR_DL to get 18% OFF for this item. Don't miss it. Many thanks!