Are you overwhelmed every time you have to schedule a meeting? Are you confused when trying to manage your services? Have you considered hiring more people to handle appointments?

If you run a business that relies heavily on providing different services through appointments, then you need a reliable system to manage your services. And WP Appointment Booking Pro fully meets your requirements. After installing WP Appointment, you can own a flexible, easy-to-use online appointment website. This plugin allows you to easily manage your services. You can add any number of services and organize them into categories to help your customers easily find the right service at the first step of the booking process.

So how to manage the service with WP Appointment? Please scroll down for more details.

Manage services with WP Appointment:

1. Add new service

  • Click on “Add new” button
  • Fill in the information
  • Save new information

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2. Edit and update information for services

  • Click on “Edit” button
  • Change the information: The edit form appears, changing the information of the service to the user's liking
  • Confirm to save changes information

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3. Delete one or more services

  • Click on one or more services that you want to delete
  • Click on “Delete” button: After clicking on Delete button, you will confirm if you want to delete or not?
  • Confirm to save changes information

WP Appointment Booking Pro User Guide:

Salient features of WP Appointment Booking Pro:

  • Add unlimited service and employee: Whether your business is a one-person or a large corporation, WP Appointment adapts to you. You can: Add any number of services and employees, forcing each employee to one or several services.
  • Manage categories: This plugin supports you in managing categories including: image, language, ID, access.
  • Personal settings for each service: Although you have many services, this plugin will help you manage all of them easily and professionally. Here, you can also quickly set up information for the service such as price, time, employee, etc.
  • Manage employees: Employee-related information such as photos, names, emails, addresses, etc. will be managed in the back-end. You also have the right to change the behavior of employees
  • Services are grouped into categories: WP Appointment allows you to add any number of services and organize them into categories to help your customers easily find the right service at the first step of the booking process.
  • Category wise Services Sorting: When setting the list of services on the appointment booking page for your customers, it is easy to customize the services based on categories and so much more

WP Appointment provides a very friendly interface for both employees and customers, saving you time and money. It also helps you reduce stress in managing service appointments for your business.

If you still have doubts about the entire software, try the available DEMO. It is definitely worth more than its price. Contact us if you have any questions about this product, we will help you. If you like this article, please share it with others. Thank you for listening!

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