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Cmsmart is pleased to present to you a plugin that can be integrated into your website into a solution that meets your business needs and requirements. WP Booking & Appointment Plugin is an appointment scheduling plugin suitable for businesses of different sizes and niches such as spa and massage, gym, education, beauty, etc. This plugin is used to automate habits up, schedule appointments and simplify the booking process for your customers. Maybe you interested in How to Make an Appointment Booking System?

Scheduling online with the WP Booking & Appointment Plugin couldn't be easier for your customers. Online booking allows your customers to book your services conveniently from any device. All they need is to choose the service and the desired time, providing you with a few personal details. Similarly, your customers can also book your event quickly and easily. Follow our article below for steps to book services with WP Booking & Appointment.

There are 5 steps to book services with Booking & Appointment Plugin:

At the homepage, click List Category on the menu bar.

Step 1: Choose a category

First of all, click on the Category name to see the corresponding service list.

WP Booking & Appointment Plugin

Step 2: Choose service

Hover mouse over the block service, click the "View more" button. In the detailed information view of the service, customers can view information such as the slide image gallery of the service, the name of the service, the price, the employees, etc.

WP Booking & Appointment

Step 3: Schedule an appointment

At the scheduling interface, the customer chooses the date and time for the appointment.

WP Booking & Appointment

Step 4: User info and payment

Here, customers fill out payment information, choose an employee and payment method.

WP Booking & Appointment

Step 5: Payment

Finally, customers click the "Pay now" button to proceed with payment, ending the service scheduling process.

WP Booking & Appointment Plugin


See details in the video below:

Let discover more the outstanding features of this solution


WP Appointment Booking & Scheduling gives you an automatic booking and online scheduling of your services, saving your time and money. Managing customer booking information is no longer your concern.


Supports a wide range of services provided by businesses, individuals that provide online booking services through websites. With this booking plugin, you can schedule quickly and easily.


WP online appointment schedulers allow your customers to interact with your business across the entire range of devices: laptop, tablet, mobile. Allow you to achieve a higher rate of successful bookings, which in turn results in higher profits for you.

WP Booking & Appointment Plugin will make your life instantly easier. No longer run after client to confirm appointments. They will find it convenient and easy to come to you. Get your competitive advantage now with the WP Booking & Appointment Plugin.

If you have any additional questions about WP Booking & Appointment Plugin, please contact us in the comments or, we will be happy to help.

View more some useful tutorial below to get many information when you try this solution:

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