As you may know, Virtuemart is used together with the Content Management System (CMS), Joomla. Both of them are written in PHP and made to be easily used in PHP or MySQL environment. In this Open-Source eCommerce solution, the checkout process is supported in different ways including: Guest Checkout, Register to make checkout, 1 Click checkout, One-page Checkout and Multipage Checkout.

The traditional way that is popularly known by most of customers is Multipage Checkout. The process will have steps by steps as below:

- Customers/Shoppers register for an Account on your web-store
- After adding products to cart and reach to Checkout Page, they need to complete some information each page is: Billing Information; Shipping Address, Shipping Method, Payment Method, Order Review and Special Request on different pages.

After these steps, customers are able to click on PLACE ORDER to complete their purchase. In case there has any troubles, they need to do these steps again. This traditional certainly brings many difficulties and issues for shoppers when they want to save time on doing the online shopping. As in a recent e-Commerce report, the step-by-step checkout process witnesses a significant decrease of sales web-stores.

That explains why you should add function One-Page Checkout for your Joomla store. Currently, many e-Commerce Developers have made innovation of their Virtuemart productions to boost their functional site. Thus, it has no difficulties when you want to complete the Checkout process for your store.

What does your store look like when being added the One-page Checkout sector?

- Regarding the front-end that is shown for your shoppers during the shopping time, you can make sure that the responsive design is very impressive and simple-to-use like:
- Right after Adding products to Cart, customers will be directed to One-page checkout. This One-page checkout has them fill necessary information of six parts: Billing info, Shipment Address, Shipping method, Payment method, Order reviews and Special Requests. They are displayed just on a page view, allowing shoppers to complete at their convenience.
- Obviously, the Checkout process saves more time in comparison the last method. They even do not need to log in again to finish the Checkout page. More importantly, when they are on the interface of a computer, a Mobile or an iPad, this checkout-page is always available for them to complete.
- It could be said that you are giving the best experience to your customers when they are visiting on your page. Less effort but positive aspect is what this feature makes your Joomla store more outstanding.

How about you, the Developer and Web-store owner?

- Actually, Virtuemart is a free product that can be simply utilized and customized. Also, the modules or products created to add more features for it are the same. One-page checkout is exactly a module which must be installed to use. However, this installation just takes you some minutes. Afterwards, the module will be shown right in back-end for you to easily customize and configure.
- You are able to create unique layout with new advanced visual editor because this extension offers simply elements with drop and drag function.
- Not only on One-page checkout but also in one Plug-in: it is not necessary to re-direct to Virtuemart Management because you can arrange all billing and shipping fields, comfortably manage sales information.
- You have unlimited layout and different add-on options for your store. The design with numerous colors surely makes your store more beautiful and attractive.
- When you have this function added to your store, it means that you are improving your SEO Optimization and Customer’s experience. Ajax login and multi payment-method as well as multi delivery-method are supplied for your customers to select as they wish. The design of this One-page checkout does not sound basic at all. In contrast, it is very impressive but easy-to-navigate, driving more and more sales to your online-store.

In conclusion, these above functions can be easily found through the One-page checkout of CMSmart Company. They have made a lot of interviews of customers who using this product, the satisfaction and good feeling are the result. They recommended that this is a must-have product for an online store, including on Virtuemart platform. More details you can visit the product page of this extension.