Product Specification of One page checkout for Virtuemart

Shopping cart abandonment is a sad commentary in online retailing, with some companies reporting that more than 60% of checkouts end without a conversion. This is a reason why One page checkout is created.

Preventing even a relatively small percentage of these abandoned carts would significantly improve revenues and profits. If you are satisfied with the price and shipping costs, you should go to checking out process to complete it quickly. This final step is the most important part of online business because many companies lose a large clientele at this step. Making it faster for customers to purchase with your store is what you must do and One page checkout extension is what you Must have.


  • Shop owner will increase their revenue up to 70% when using One Page checkout products as a great review from our beloved customer because their customers do not want to create an account and log in, they simply want to visit the site as a ''guest'' and make their purchase anonymously. It reduces from three steps to just one step.
  • Furthermore, one of the biggest benefits of one page checkout is the option for guest checkout. The checking out process is only on a single page that helps customers save their time and their money as well.
  • With the first version released on 2014, One page checkout brings satisfaction and happiness to over 6,000 customers.
  • Smart phones and tablets are the most viral device today because more than 50% of traffic come from there, it is more important than ever that your online store using One page checkout with 100% responsive design.


  • One page checkout for Virtuemart is very easy to use and convenient. Customers choose a product which they like from the shop, choose quantity and parameters. And then click on "Add to card" button.
  • All things display only on one page. Customers fill full information as Billing info, Shipment address, shipping method, Payment method, Delivery date and please note a coupon code for discount. Finish with one click on ''Confirm order'' button.


  • Easily to install in Joomla platform, as video of configuration above, shop owner can drag and drop modules from the left to change layout of One Page Checkout page or adding module from the right to the left is possible. It creates unlimited checkout layout.
  • Besides that you can change your own style with 8 predefined colors available or you can easily to set your own favorite color, make your checkout process more interesting. Furthermore, you can set your delivery date or others with just a few clicks. Shop owner can upload or custom background image.
  • You can find more interesting setting in our live demo for One page checkout that brings many convenient to your customers.

Below is full detail Features of One page checkout for Virtuemart


  • One Step Checkout is easy to integrate and fully compatible with your Virtuemart store.
  • Easy to install, easy to use, easy to customize, lightweight extension
  • Just one step - Reduces the original Virtuemart checkout process from 3 steps to one, save a huge time of your customers


  • Unlimited custom color variations. it allows you change colors of dozens of elements, apply textures, upload custom background images drag & drop editor
  • Comes with unlimited different checkout layout styles. Choose the one which suits you best with drag & drop editor
  • Customizable - Every module can be changed colors, background colors, text, fonts, integrated with the visual editor.


  • No re-direct to Virtuemart management you can arrange all of billing and shipping fields.
  • Easily control your information


  • It is very convenient for you to choose the method to checkout wherever you are available. All kinds of payment method except Paypal Express and Credit Card info
  • All of standard Virtuemart shipment methods and popular methods like: UPS, USPS, FedEx


  • Adding custom fonts into your checkout page is quick and simple. It is possible to select from the following options in the drop down list
  • Icon font is a good way to enhance UI designs of One Page checkout extension.
  • Compared with images, the idea of using embedded fonts for icons is a relatively new idea


  • 100% Responsive design - You can checkout everywhere with any devices
  • Increase sales - Our customers say that One Step Checkout increased their sales even up to 70%.
  • An eye-catching interface - One Step Checkout is modern and elegant layouts, elegant colors, 8 preset color themes, unlimited to customize color
  • Create unique layout with new advanced visual editor - Use visual advance editor to build responsive layout without coding! Simply and elements with drag and drop function
  • Choose delivery time at checkout process - Everybody loves a little extra! So why don't satisfy your customers with more add-on options?
  • Ajax login - Fully supported checkout mode: register, guest, logged in. Ajax pop up for login/forgot password to enhance customer experience
  • SEO optimization - We built One page checkout extension with proper SEO and HTML5 best practices that will improve your site rankings
  • Translation ready - Translated automatically into popular languages and regions of buying frequency like: English, French, German, Poland, Portuguese
  • Block spam - Allow customers to have 8 pending orders. Customers are defined by IP address
  • CSS3 Animations - Using CSS3 to create checkout of layout with animation and interactivity and helping a checkout process run smoothly and attractively
  • Arrange fields - Loading fields that available for Bill to, Ship To and allowed customers to drag and drop, to order their positions without going to Virtuemart choose files and change every field.


  • API of Joomla and Virtuemart: to handle data
  • JQuery version 1.11.2: to handle tabs, pop up and other effects
  • JQuery - UI: drag and drop in one page backend interface, input of date, time...
  • Ajax: move an update data
  • CSS - CSS3: to build up layout and effects
  • HTML - HTML 5: building the layout
This is a Virtuemart Extensions item
Product rating: 5 star rating 4.9/5 based on 101 rating(s)

2021, Jan 15

Joomla 3.2.x, Joomla 3.3.x, Joomla 3.4.x, Joomla 3.5.x, Joomla 3.6.x, Joomla 3.9.x, Joomla 3.x, Virtuemart 3.2.x, Virtuemart 3.4.x, Virtuemart 3.8.x, Virtuemart 3.9.x


$48.99 GPL License

You can use the product for your own website or your clients website if you are developer. You are allowed to use this extension on Unlimited website while our private support is base on domain.

  • Private support for each 12 months
  • Unlimited tickets support
  • Download & upgrade new version

Extend support: $17.64/ 12 months/ 1 domain

You can cancel renewal fee anytime if do not need while keep using the product for lifetime.

Get it now and save up to $31.35
$52.42 GPL License

You can use the product for your own website or your clients website if you are developer. You are allowed using this extension on Unlimited website while our private support is base on domain.

  • Private support for each 12 months
  • Unlimited tickets support
  • Download & upgrade new version

You can use the product for a lifetime without purchasing it again or pay for renewal payment. You should repurchase this product when your package expired but you still want to get our support or update to the latest version

Support Domain License Under a 1 support domain license for the item you are granted a non-exclusive non-transferable permission to use the item on a single site.

If you plan to use the product on other domains, you SHOULD buy now to SAVE much better than buying separated order.
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See our changelog below to update your site better

Compatible with: Joomla 3.2.x, Joomla 3.3.x, Joomla 3.4.x, Joomla 3.5.x, Joomla 3.6.x, Joomla 3.9.x, Joomla 3.x, Virtuemart 3.2.x, Virtuemart 3.4.x, Virtuemart 3.8.x, Virtuemart 3.9.x

Version 5.5.0 Updated: 2021, Jan 15

+ Feature Added: Delivery Tip

+ Added: Continue shopping button

+ Added: Greek language

+ Fixed Bug: Display error when use image lazy load

Version 5.4.11 Updated: 2020, Sep 15

Compatible with joomla 3.9.x and Virtuemart 3.8.x

+ Added: Required fields for Countries

+ Updated: Minimum Order Info Element with is 6 col

+ Fixed Bug: Can not show credit card month and date select

+ Fixed Bug: Show all shipping option if uncheck ship same billing

+ Fixed Bug: Conflict javascript with K2 Article Edit page

+ Fixed Bug: Banner element upload

+ Fixed Bug: Can not update shipment

+ Fixed Bug: Not show VAT on Order Infor

Version 5.4.10 Updated: 2020, Feb 26

Compatible with joomla 3.9.x and Virtuemart 3.6.x

+ Added: Slovak (Slovakia) language

+ Added: Option disable product link for Order Infor element

+ Added: Option disable checkbox same address for ShipTo element

+ Updated: ShipTo data compatible with ajax request

+ Fixed Bug: Can not update quantity and missing quantity on mobile

+ Fixed Bug: Mising billing form

+ Fixed Bug: Can not change shipment or payment

+ Fixed Bug: Some small CSS errors

Version 5.4.9 Updated: 2019, Feb 23

+ Added: Ukrainian language

+ Updated: js and font files location

+ Updated: Russian and German language

+ Fixed Bug: Do not update shipment when enable GEO location function

+ Fixed Bug: Not show tax per bill

+ Fixed Bug: Some Css error

Version 5.4.8 Updated: 2018, Dec 06

+ Added: Option hide checkbox Create an account for later use

+ Added: Hungarian (Hungary) language

+ Updated: Wrong version information on VM Manager

+ Fixed Bug: Redirect to blank page when change option on VM Payment Eurobank VPOS

+ Fixed Bug: Can not confirm order

+ Fixed Bug: Error editing shipping on VM Manager

+ Fixed Bug: Can not change country, update product, save coupon code

+ Fixed Bug: Break views on PHP 5.3

+ Fixed Bug: Do not save delivery date time

+ Fixed Bug: Do not redirect to payment gateway ( Payfast ) on Virtuemart 3.4.2

+ Fixed Bug: Javascript Cannot set property selectedIndex of null

+ Fixed Bug: Autofill causing issues on credit card expiration month

+ Fixed Bug: PHP 7.2 Too few arguments to function plgSystemOneStepCheckout::plgVmOnUpdateOrderShipment()...

+ Fixed Bug: Freezing when processing changes to the users Billing Info (NGINX server)

Version 5.4.7 Updated: 2018, Aug 20

+ Added: Options show / hide SKU, Discount column and Payment Cost row

+ Added: Options hide Tax column, show registration fields

+ Added: Options Show item Sale Price and Hide item Total Base Price

+ Updated: Small stylesheet css

+ Fixed Bug: Error loading icon endlessly spinning when select shipment or payment more than one time

+ Fixed Bug: Product Image show Grey line on Order Info element

+ Fixed Bug: Notice: Undefined property

+ Fixed Bug: Duplicate orders when click confirm order button many times

Version 5.4.6 Updated: 2018, Jul 07

+ Added: option turn on/off automatic city of GEO Location

+ Updated: Language file

+ Updated: GeoIP Database

+ Fixed bug css

+ Fixed Bug: Error Payment Authorize.Net Invalid Data Entered

+ Fixed Bug: Login popup can not focus

+ Fixed Bug: Can not redirect to Paypal

+ Fixed Bug: Login error when use redirect login

+ Fixed Bug: Duplicate content in shipment and payment

+ Fixed Bug: Can not save setting on VM Manager when cache turn on

Version 5.4.5 Updated: 2018, May 28

+ Added: Danish language

+ Added: Prevent override element config when update

+ Added: Add option reload page when update cart

+ Updated: Error message notify when register account

+ Fixed Bug: Javascript error options

+ Fixed Bug: Amazon login pay button not show

+ Fixed Bug: Not show price in order info element

+ Fixed Bug: Payfast payment not redirect

+ Fixed Bug: Show SKU on Order Info element

Version 5.4.4 Updated: 2018, Mar 12

+ Added: Italian Language

+ Updated: German language

+ Updated: ACL Component

+ Updated: Joomla Framework deprecated and unsafe

+ Fixed: https link for google font

+ Fixed: Delete content of HTML element

+ Fixed: Can not load popup on Setting

+ Fixed: Css error when cancel Paypal checkout

Version 5.4.3 Updated: 2017, Oct 23

+ Compatible Joomla 3.8.x, Virtuemart 3.2.x+

+ Fixed bug: confirm order on Virtuemart lastest version

+ Fixed bug: enable or disable coupons

+ Fixed bug: holiday section on delivery layout

Version 5.4.0 Updated: 2017, May 30

+ GeoIP automatically inputs customer location as (country & city)

Version 5.3.0 Updated: 2017, Mar 22

+ Fix bug configure minimum purchase order value in admin

Version 5.2.0 Updated: 2016, May 31

+ Compatible Joomla 3.5.x, Virtuemart 3.0.x+

+ Fix update billto + shipto

+ Fix bug select delivery time in Joomla 3.5.1 and VM 3.0.17

Version 5.1.1 Updated: 2016, May 02

+ Fixed error while updating data

+ Fixed Anti- Spam function

+ Improve the documentation in back-end's interface

+ Fixed some small bugs in delivery date and time

+ Some enhancements and fixes

+ Fixed small issue in VirtueMart Shipment Methods

Version 5.1.0 Updated: 2016, Jan 29

+ Joomla 3.x, Virtuemart

+ Fixed issue:

+ Fixed issue named

Version 5.0.0 Updated: 2015, Nov 25

+ Technics:

+ Using API of Joomla and Virtuemart to handle data

+ Using JQuery version 1.11.2 to handle tabs, pop up and other effects

+ Using JQuery - UI: drag and drop in one page backend interface, input of date, time...

+ Ajax help move an update data

+ Using CSS - CSS3 to build up layout and effects

+ Building the layout with HTML, HTML5

+ Adding more functions

+ Adding Anti- Spam function

+ Rendering back-end's interface

+ Support all standard VirtueMart Shipment Methods

+ Support all standard Virtuemart payment methods

+ Supports auto coupon by 3rd party such as AWO Coupons

+ 8 color picker available

+ Visual editor: Free for clients to drag and drop modules and change their positions to form the frontend's appearance.

+ Configuring general functions: Loading CSS, JS, JQuery - UI frontend

+ Customized Colors: Every module can be changed colors, background colors, text, font, integrated with the visual editor.

+ Sort Fields: Loading fields that available for Bill to, Ship To and allowed customers to drag and drop, to order their positions without going to Virtuemart choose files and change every field.

+ Modules supported: There are more modules in one page checkout like delivery date, banner, custom HTML

+ Multiple languages supported: Translated automatically into popular languages and regions of buying frequency like: English, French, German, Poland, Portuguese.

+ Loading Google Font

+ Used font icons instead of images

Version 4.5.0 Updated: 2015, Sep 24

+ Fixed bugs

+ Compatible with Joomla 3.x & VM

+ Fixed Jquery error, broken backend layout

+ Fixed add to cart error on front-end

+ Error loading state when choose country

+ Internal server error when submitting an order

+ Fix registration when checkout

+ Fix JHtmlJquery::libs error

+ Fix disappeared registration form in 1 column layout

+ SQL error while updating data

+ Removed overrides plugin

Version 4.0.0 Updated: 2015, Aug 17

+ Joomla 3.x, Virtuemart 2.9.8+

+ Feature

+ Integrated with delivery date and time in the one step checkout page

+ Change the style of 1 column style

+ Change the admin interface

+ Fix bug

# Fix bug broken layout opc

# Fix bug layout responsive

# Integrated with awo coupon

# Integrated with ups shipping

Version 3.5.0 Updated: 2015, Jan 06

+ Compatible with Joomla 3.x and VM 2.9.8

+ Allow customer to re-arrange 3 columns and 1 column layout

+ Adding checkout buttons with the same color as 3 columns style

+ Automatically re-calculate frame size of one page checkout to show columns

# Fix error of calculating frame's width to display one page checkout

# Fix error of coupon code

# Fix error of loading wrong zip code, country and region

# Fix error of PayPal

# Fix error of not saving customer information after logging in and changing

# Fix error of not saving ship to information exactly

Version 3.1.0 Updated: 2014, Aug 13

+ Joomla 2.5.x, Virtuemart 2.6.x

+ Support Responsive

+ Ajax updates on number of product, price, tax, shipment, payment…

+ Automatically copy filed from shipto to billto when users log into account

+ Create account and checkout in 1 step

+ Apply Coupon code in Checkout step

+ Layout can be changed differently

+ Able to change template or style colors

+ GeoIP automatically inputs customer location (must register from maxmind)

# Fix bug of shipment not showing on frontend

# Fix bug of * fields into red

# Fix error of text displaying wrong position in different browsers

# Fix bug of not loading country and region when logging

# Fix bug of automatically scaling columns

Version 3.0 Updated: 2014, May 29

+ Joomla 2.5.x, Virtuemart 2.0.x

+ Develop and support

+ PHP 5.3+, MySql 5.2+

+ Joomla! 2.5.x - VirtueMart 2.0.22+ (required !!!)

+ jQuery 1.6+ (required) - jQuery UI 1.9+ (required)

+ Need to create an account at the website for GeoIP2 functions

+ New options:

+ Show on/off Ajax pre-loading

+ Show on/off Delivery time (only for 3 cols theme)

+ Show on/off empty cart button (only for 3 cols theme)

You can change these options' parameters

+ Fixed issues

+ Remove GeoIP functions but add GeoIP2 functions , you can review at - Fixed

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David Wickstead

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Ettore Iacovacci

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Tom Theis

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   Excellent customer support!!! Could not ask for more, thank you so much.   

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Charles Dendyn

   Your product quality and support service totally deserve 5 stars rate. Abandonment rate on my site declined considerably. That's a good news. Thank you so much!   

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Paul Russell

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Axel Booltink

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   Prompt service as always. Thank You ! Tommy , Scubagear   

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Jean Claude

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Lukas Erhart

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   All Good !!   

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Bartosz Sawko

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Peyman Akhlaghi

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Fabian Gisler

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Wendy Webster

   Dear Giang Vu, Well, I can't thank you enough! What a relief that it is working and it looks so good. Yes, I need to work on the settings a bit, but thank goodness is working. I hope I can ask you one more question (a very stupid one), please. On this moment the colours in the check out are "Old pink". How can I change its colour, please? On Youtube it shows that I can do this in the actual plugin "One Page Checkout" under "Plugins", but in my Bookshop the said plugin doesn't show any options. Any advice? Again, many thanks and I hope you have a good day/evening. Kindest regards, Wendy Webster   

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joel ferry

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Роман Федотов

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Ralf Besserer

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Chris H

   Absolutely first class, expert service for the Plugin I was using...They resolved problems I had major issues with! Thanks to Giang himself your taking his time and understanding my issues and until they were fixed perfectly....   

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   The best support!   

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Thanawat Thanachawawat

   I love the features and support of One page checkout for Virtuemart from   

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   Fast and excelent support   

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Oksana Chernyak

   Thank you for helping. -done.   

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James P Dee

   Oddly enough, I installed 5.3.0 with VM 3.2.1, and it's working now. So, maybe I'm lucky. Of course, we're only using Paypal, and also other simple settings. So, perhaps that's way. In any case, it does appear to be working now.   

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   Nice product and great work Giang Vu!   

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Mohammad amin Mozaffar

   I bought two extensions from this company and this is the summary of my opinion on their products and services: - Clean codes - Excellent performance - Excellent Support I'm really satisfied by my shopping.   

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Kyriakos Champidis

   It does exactly what it promises. No more many irritating steps and painful page loadings. One page to order with ease and attract new customers.   

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Robert Swartz

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Vidrine Jean

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Emiliano Desideri

   This extension is really reccomended.

Everything works perfect after a simply installation and for the little tweeks that i need there is a ticket center where the developer answer and in some case make fix for you.

Really a premium support.

After few days the conversion rate of my site is increased yet!   

Eric 5 star rating



   I bought their One Page Checkout extension for my site and encountered some problems to configure it to fit my site. The provider is very quick in responding through their ticket system as well as on Skype. I need to say that I am impressed by this Hanoi-based team and will explore more products that they have to offer in the future.

Well done guys!


JL 5 star rating



   The one page extension for VM is really recommended. Had some minor installation issues but their support system was quick to fix the situation.

Customers love this new extension, they find it a lot easier and faster to check out.


shaun 5 star rating



   I bought his as the default VM one didnt do what i needed. When installed, which was very easy, I wanted to make a few changes which the guys at cmsmart did for me quickly and free of charge. Would recommend them and the extension to anyone   

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   If you are considering which 'one page' solution to go for for your Virtuemart checkout, STOP HERE! - This is it!
I've had these guys install this on two of my sites with absolutely no fuss. It works brilliantly and the support is superb. You may think it's expensive but it's simply not, I noticed the increase in orders pretty much straight away, so it's worth every penny.   

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   The new version of the plugin one page checkout works great
is what I needed for my shop
I recommend   

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   I am totally satisfied with the purchase of the plugin as I expect to buy more products here.

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   This plugin does exactly what it says and counting on a powerful support, I recommend it without reservation. I am highly impressed. Thanks a lot... 5 star rating


   This is really a great product. It worked as stated with a little issue but support was great and very quick!!!! Worth every dollar!!   

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   Ottimo prodotto! :) ed ottima assistenza! lo consiglio caldamente! Facile da installare e completo di tutte le funzionalità che si possono desiderare.   

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Jose Lopez

   In the last months I have bought five different extensions to use in my online store and this one was the best support I have received. Quick, easy and they did exactly what I needed.

The extension works like a charm and it helps a lot to summarize in just one page all the check-out procedure. It also fixed some problems that I had with virtuemart.

In my opinion: a very good investment for my web page.

xur82 5 star rating



   Fantastic support and an excellent product!
See how great this one page checkout is on our site   

Vincent Chu 5 star rating


Vincent Chu

   CMSMART have a good support team, it provide me the technical solution when I encounter the problem in my side, one page check out product is really can help my site billing smoothly!   

Michele 5 star rating



   Great product, great support!! They reply fast and fix problems! Suggested! It's useful for User who want to be fast for order...   

Roland van den Oever 5 star rating


Roland van den Oever

   One page checkout does what it says. So much better than the standard checkout process. Standard checkout process of Virtuemart is too complicated and is does not look attractive better said a bit messy. This can lose you customers. One page checkout looks good, is easy to customize with css and the most important thing, easy to use! I’m 100% sure sales increase only by using this plugin.

We use this plugin on a multilingual site straight out of the box it had some problems in combination with my template but the support team is supurb. They had it running in no time. I even asked them to make some tweaks to it and they did this for free!

If you are looking for a real one page checkout for VM2, this is the thing!

I recommend it and will use it in all my VM2 shops for sure.   

Pat 5 star rating



   Nice plugin with high potential - Support is great and quick. The guys know what they are doing.

The plugin is really necessary for every customer oriented site.

Jacob 5 star rating



   This extension works quite well. It certainly improves your chances of customers checking out via your store. I had do some minor tweaks, and the support team stepped in very fast to help me out.

Good product   

Johnny 5 star rating



   This is a very good One Page Checkout Solution for Virtuemart. Information is displayed in a very clear manner for the customer checking out as a guest or who is registering. Nice looking check out page for virtuemart. Fully responsive.I had some problems with the setting but the support was great. 5-stars for Fast, friendly, and helpful support.   

Darshan 5 star rating



   One Page Checkout is very easy to install, use. Had some issues but was sorted out by fast, friendly and good support   

moto2000 5 star rating



   Ottimo componente, ottima assistenza, cliente soddisfatto.

Ho installato facilmente il componente e mi ha risolto tantissimi problemi, l'assistenza è stata molto comprensiva e mi ha risolto diversi problemi. E' andato tutto molto bene.   

Rolf Rueegg 4 star rating


Rolf Rueegg

   The are Hardcoded, so the Language setting is a Non Standard in Joomla...   

nachtwens 5 star rating



   I am very pleased with the good service from One Page Checkout For Virtuemart Whenever I had a problem, they assisted me within the 24 hours.
My client, requested to set the order button to the left.
But i had no idea how i had to do this, after 24 houres of trying i gave up and mailed the guys of One Page Cheackout for support.
Within the hour my problem was fixed.
I'm really pleased with the great service and the online support.
Also with the fast responding time.
I can really recommend this to everyone, not only do you have a Great script, but also a good support.
Thank you guy's, for everything !
Friendly regards,

sturmmed 5 star rating



   Your e-commerce will not be truly user friendly until you are using One Page Checkout! My clients love this extension, it makes it a truly one page checkout for customers!

Better yet is the customer service and support that you get from CMSMart! Any time I have an issue with customizing their extensions, they are more than happy to help me out! Can't say enough about this company!   

LAUBIN 5 star rating



   I'm using . In both case the team was in contact with me very quickly. The second issue was tough and took more time to solve but the team was really dedicated to find a solution. CMSMart is definitely a premium choice.   

mario 5 star rating



   5 Stars at all.
After installing a plugin in virtuemart it is normal that there are some little things to fix and to optimize. CMSMART gave me a very very good support. All issues were solved in a short time. OnePageCheckout is a must have for a user friendly checkout process. Go on like this CMSMART. Best regards from Germany   

Jack Schuurkes 4 star rating


Jack Schuurkes

   The support by Mr. Lakabina was very excellent. He solved my problem within a day. Now the one time page checkout extension is working very well with the special delivery date and time plugin from CMSMART
I can recommend the Virtuemart extensions from CMSMART.
Keep up the good work.
Best regards from the Netherlands   

quantus 5 star rating



   5 Stars at all. Virtuemart extensions from CMSMART. Keep up the good work. Best regards. They are helped me and solve all issues. Thanks for all   




   very very excellent one page checkout extension and the support of Lakabina is really super!! Fast and professional. Thanks and regards from Italy   

imencity 5 star rating



   Great, this product is excellent!
My customers do not have to visit several pages to buy my products but one is enough.

The integration of ajax makes things simple.
I encountered a bug but the development team has been very serious and resolved a bug version very quickly.

I recommend this product, little expensive compared to the added value of your site.

I'm french and this is perfectly intèrgre in a shop in the French language, no translation problem, just a language file. Very simple.


naturaprint 5 star rating



   Excellent extension to your shopping cart . I have had several problems and have solved them all. Highly recommended . 5 star rating


   I am a very satisfied user of the One Page Checkout module for Virtuemart. Recently I installed the module AWO Coupons. AWO Coupons did not work for 100% with my shopping card. My support periode was already expired, but Paul fixed it all. He made AWO coupons work with OPC and even fixed some troubles on my server. More the a great support. Fantastic!! I am a happy customer of CMSmart! Greetings from the Netherlands. Henk   

SEBASTIAN 5 star rating



   i am from Colombia and i use cms one page, the component and de support is excelent.!!1 Thanks for all my friends!   

Derek Abbring 5 star rating


Derek Abbring

   Customer support, Paul, is awesome! Made my week after several java issues. He solved them all and I have to say I am really happy. I had even tried the other (4) one page plugins but nobody had ever responded to my issues. Within just a few hours everything was fixed right up. This is a must have for virtuemart.   

Suzanne Lo 5 star rating


Suzanne Lo

   excellent extension with quick and friendly support are things I like the most about this company. Happy to use more products and services.   

Hakan 5 star rating



   I purchased this VM Onepage plugin with CMS's VM Delivery Plugin for a florist eCommerce site to improve its features and Warrior Hoàng from the support team helped me along the way to resolve many technical issues. Lightning fast support! Cmsmart is highly recommended!   

Benny Braun 5 star rating


Benny Braun

   One of the best supports ever. Plugin itself has really cool layout an nice features, a really gift for my shop to have it!!! THX CMSMART!!!!!   

Manuel Marx 5 star rating


Manuel Marx

   This a great plugin for Virtuemart. The support is excellent. Special thanks to Mr. Giang. A plugin and service that is worth the money. Vielen Dank!   

Jose M. 5 star rating


Jose M.

   Great product! Thanks. Jose M.   

Yasmin Wood 5 star rating


Yasmin Wood

   Good product ! Users can manage PDF invoices easy, convenient and very secure. My website needed such products.   

Luish Travis 5 star rating


Luish Travis

   A product of 10 points for the quality, it helps to save time and make the business strategy for its stores. Thank the developers.   

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