Why does the professional website have to have One Page Checkout?

Hi, my friend! As you all know, most professional websites often have design standards that match modern trends! In particular, one of them is the design that prioritizes saving time for customers as much as possible. They need User Experience that makes them feel comfortable buying and payment. So, One Page Checkout is one of the must-have features for a professional website. All of the above is just my personal opinion. If you want to know Why does the professional website have to One Page Checkout. We need more concrete evidence. Let's Go!

We will find out the payment process of some Big eCommerce marketplaces in the World.


eBay eCommerce Marketplace

This is one of the largest e-commerce sites in the world. eBay website, what is an online auction and shopping website, is in which people and businesses buy and sell a wide variety of goods and services worldwide. Interestingly, this website is implementing the One Page Checkout process for their website. So what does eBay's payment page look like?

eBay checkout page has 3 main parts.

Part 1: Review Item and Shipping

Item and Shipping

This part will show all the information about the product that you have chosen to buy. It includes price, quantity, model or product details. Besides, part 1 also has the shipping section, delivery times and other delivery conditions. This content will describe exactly the product you want.

Part 2: Ship to

Ship to

This is the place to specify the address of the goods you want to receive. This makes it possible for them to determine the exact shipping address they need to deliver. Accompanied by a number of other personal information to ensure the delivery goes smoothly such as Zip code, confirm email, phone number. However, in some cases, this information affects guests due to their personal information being exposed.

Part 3: Pay with

Pay with

This part is the most important. With the strong development of e-commerce, e-payment became indispensable. and e-commerce sites and their customers have to get used to it. And this process needs the highest security. Therefore, e-commerce markets must choose the most prestigious and guaranteed payment companies in the world. With eBay, we can see 3 payment methods are Credit or Debit card, PayPal, PayPal credit.

Besides, we can see part “add coupon” and order total.

So you can see, with just one payment page, all the basic information needed for an order has been shown. This saves a lot of time for your customers.

However, are there any professional websites that don't use the One Page Checkout process? The Answer is Yes! We can together find out about Amazon.


Amazon eCommerce Marketplace

When you pay on Amazon, you have to pass 4 steps (or 4 checkout pages)

  • The first: sign in! You will have to log in to your Amazon account again. This step is the first page!

Sign in Amazon

  • The second: shipping and payment! Enter the full shipping address. This step is the second page!
  • The third: Gift Options. This step is the third page!
  • The fourth: Place Order. This step is the fourth page!

Although the payment process is lengthy and complicated. However, Amazon is still one of the leading e-commerce businesses in the world! Thanks to the complexity of their payment process, it leads to the confidence of sellers and buyers in this e-commerce market!

Therefore, having a one-page or multi-page payment process will not have a big impact on whether your website is professional or not. What matters is the way you build, use and operate that process!

The above is my analysis of Why does the professional website have to One Page Checkout. I hope you will have more information to have an objective view of website improvement. If you have any questions, please contact us!

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