Install One Page Checkout

If you have been a loyal customer of CMSmart when the website is begun, you must have known one of our early products: Virtuemart One Page Checkout. This is the best selling item on Cmsmart marketplace since it was released in 2013. More than 6000 items were sold up to now. Over 18 versions have been released. However, we still are constantly improving our products to improve the quality and meet the increasing demands of our customers. So, we think customers were satisfied with it.

However, some visitors still do not fully understand how to install and use the product. Therefore, in this article, I will give detailed instructions on how to install Virtuemart One Page Checkout. Besides, I will introduce some characteristics and some other notes using this product. Here we go!

Install Virtuemart One Page Checkout Extension

First, you need to have a Virtuemart Website. Now, our product compatible and stable with Joomla from version 2.5.x to 3.x and Virtuemart from version 2.0.x to 3.4.x. However, if you want this product compatible with Virtuemart's latest version, we are always ready to custom for you. Please create tickets and contact us.

Second, Install Extension One Page Checkout for Virtuemart.

Step 1: Go to -> search “One Page Checkout for Virtuemart” and click the product.

Find One Page Checkout on CMSmart

You can see our product introduction content. There, we have talked about all the features and benefits that this product offers. If you want to try our product, you can check DEMO on the button: LIVE DEMO

Try Demo One Page Checkout

Step 2: If you feel satisfied with the product, you can add to cart and checkout. After purchase success, you will receive a file zip of item.

Add to cart and Checkout

Step 3: Go to your Virtuemart Website: administrator page. Click extensions -> Extension manager (or Manage) You will see the install page ->click Upload Package File ->Click the Browse button and select the file package (file zip you receive). Click Upload & Install.

Virtuemart Administrator

Step 4: You receive a messenger "Installation of the package was successful." That is the finish!

install One Page Checkout

One page checkout for Virtuemart User Guide:

One page checkout for Virtuemart allows for faster payments, reducing the process from many steps to one step. This reduces the abandoned cart and increases the conversion rate of the user store. By making payment easier provide a better customer experience.

So what does it look like after installation?

After installation, you will see “VM Manager” in “Components”

where is One Page Checkout Extension?

And this is the layout of One Page Checkout on the frontend page.

Virtuemart manager

  • Checkout page before installation

Before install One Page Checkout of Virtuemart

  • Checkout page after installation

After install One Page Checkout of Virtuemart

Finally, if you want to find out setting One Page Checkout Features, please see the instructions here.

Above are some tips in installation One Page Checkout for Virtuemart Process. I hope this article has brought you a lot of useful information.  If you have any questions about this extension, please contact us.

Thank you for reading and keep following us to get more information in the next article!

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