Advance Virtuemart Invoice

Are you having problems managing orders that don't support creating invoices or creating invoices in bulk? This is probably not only your own problem but it also happens to a lot of other online stores.

Do not worry! Advance Virtuemart Invoice will help you resolve this concern. This plugin is the perfect tool to customize your invoice without any technical knowledge. Just drag and drop fields & insert any variables to create exactly the documents you need. Your customers will receive offline orders and phone and email invoices.

The internet has changed the way people run businesses and shop online as part of their lives. Finding out Top 5 extensions Manage Order And Invoice is an indispensable step for shop owners. Advance Virtuemart Invoice confidently helps you increase sales by managing your invoices well. In this article, we will show you how to use Advance Virtuemart Invoice.

Use Advance Virtuemart Invoice with 5 simple steps:

Step 1: Go to Administrator panel, choose Extensions menu -> Extension Manager.

Step 2: Upload and Install

  • Click Browse and select com_vm_order_management_pro_for file.
  • Click Upload and Install button.

Step 3: Go to Components -> Cmsmart Order management -> Invoices/ Orders Extend.

Step 4: Open Invoices/ Order Extend

  • Go to Filter orders tab, you can filter the search order by many options.
  • In the Batch action tab, you can perform actions for orders.

Step 5: Customize the invoice

Below the order list, you can:

  • Edit order, update status, send an email, or create PDF files.
  • Create an invoice and send to your customer, you can edit template invoices by drag and drop items from the left block to right block

Watch the video below for a quick overview of How to use Advance Virtuemart Invoice?

How to use Advance Virtuemart Invoice?

Outstanding features of Advance Virtuemart Invoice:

  • It is a powerful tool in admin panel that increases your sales volume. Create a new order in the admin panel, you can create a new order quickly with just one click, it is an outstanding feature in this extension.
  • Download all PDF invoices to your computer. Easily download PDF invoices as many as you wish.
  • Send invoices emails to buyers. You don't need to wait for receiving an invoice offline anymore and get it through email at any time. The more you wait, the more you losing an opportunity and your competitor is winning.
  • Search or filter order with options. Filtering your order quickly as requirements
  • Easily customize orders: you can edit existing orders and change status
  • Quickly update order status by Batch action: With a huge amount of orders daily, many choices of order status will shorten your time.
  • Automatically create PDF invoices. When your order change to confirm status, PDF invoices will be automatically created
  • Switch type of view chart. Many types of the chart will bring you a comprehensive view of your business status
  • You may sort the total orders in countries. With sort function, you can quickly sort out increasing or decreasing all statistics of orders follow countries if wanted
  • Monthly Revenue Report via a chart. This function of the chart is very clear for you to show and view monthly exact revenue statistics of products and order.

With all steps above, now you can manage your orders and invoice clear and conveniently. We hope that you find the guidance useful. If you have any questions, feel free to feedback here. My colleagues and I are willing to support you. Don't forget using coupon code MAR_DL to get 18% Discount for this item. Moreover, you can discover many other extensions: Virtuemart exxtensions

Many thanks.