Virtuemart Product Wishlist Extension

A lot of customers have to plan shopping in advance - they may need some regular products (e.g. consumer goods or food) for special occasions, to make sure they will have all they need. Now imagine how boring customers will become when they have to find all the items they regularly buy. Not all customers are patient and many of them will order less or abandon the cart entirely.

In addition, it is difficult for managers to find the most popular product. They cannot track and analyze this information. As a result, they lose extremely valuable data.

Consider the importance of this situation, Virtuemart Product Wishlist Extension allows customers to store shopping carts and create regular shopping lists. Help your customers plan their shopping to ensure more deals! From there you will learn more about customers' preferences, needs, and habits.

With Virtuemart Product Wishlist Extension, customers can create an unlimited number of wish lists, delete them, transfer products from one wish list to another, share wish lists via email, transfer products from wishlist to cart, update wish list and more. Follow this article to learn more about how to use Virtuemart Product Wishlist Extension.

Let check out each step to use Virtuemart Product Wishlist Extension:

Step1: Go to the website

Step 2: Create and control multiple wishlists

It allows users to create not only one or two but many wishlists of their choice.

Step 3: Add any products you want to the Product Wishlist.

Step 4: Manage your favorites list

  • Add /edit/delete products in the favorites list
  • Share favorites list
  • Transfer products from your favorite list to cart

Virtuemart Product Wishlist Extension gives users the freedom to create as many wishlists as they want and add more products to their favorites. They can also manage them and make recommendations at any time to plan accordingly. Watch the video below to get an overview of how to use Virtuemart Product Wishlist Extension:

How does Virtuemart Product Wishlist Extension improve the shopping process for you and your customers?

List of favorite products for the comfort of your customers.

Extensions make the shopping process much more comfortable. Customers can create a list of their favorite products, save a list of products, they plan to buy in the future, etc., this motivates them to return to your site, and place more orders. And they can convert the list of products into orders at the touch of a button.

Sales conversion rate is higher than the wishlist.

Imagine a customer with more than 3 products that can be configured or packaged in a wishlist with no options specified and then want to add them all to the cart. Now imagine how boring customers will become when they have to specify options for all these products. Not all customers are patient and many of them will order less or abandon the cart entirely. With the Product Wishlist, options are always selected at this time when customers add products to the favorites list. And when products are already on the list, just one click to add them to the cart. Therefore, the opportunity to complete orders is much better.

Increase the chances of regular purchases.

This is one of the list great Virtuemart extension, with wishlist, products disappear from it after they are added to the cart. With the Virtuemart Product Wishlist Extension, items are still on the list, so the list can be reused multiple times. Also, if a customer abandons the cart at some point, their favorite product list will be another reminder of an unfinished order. Just let your customers find products quickly, save them to your wish list - and they will buy them! These simple choices are the key to success!

Easily manage listings for future orders and repeat

Customers can manage a number of wishlists - edit items, delete products, or add new products in the customer's wishlist area. In addition, users' wishlists can easily be shared directly via email.

Virtuemart Product Wishlist Extension offers your customers the ability to shop more conveniently and in an organized manner. They can plan ahead and their favorite products will remain safe until they are ready to buy. To understand more about the product, invite you to experience our DEMO. If you have any questions, feel free to feedback here. My colleagues and I are willing to support you. Don't forget using coupon code MAR_DL to get 18% Discount for this item.

We hope you've learned something useful from this article. If any problems occur, let us know in the comments.

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