Multi Vendor Marketplace is considered to bring new opportunities in the e-commerce zone. All of us know very big brands on the world for this aspect named eBay, Alibaba or Amazon who have benchmark that is not easy but not impossible. Their prime as well as profit become the endless aspiration for other e-commerce entrepreneurs who want to achieve that dream. Multi vendor marketplace benefits both sellers and buyers. This has taken the online retail industry one step ahead. More importantly, Multi vendor marketplace is an Online store where a lot of vendors can sell their products through one single store. As the result, more vendors you have on your web-store, more profits your products give. It is seen as a win-win situation to the store owners and vendors as well.

Benefits for Vendors

  • Get to sell their product on store which is already established in the market

  • Easy to manage and control their store on the back-end

  • Have to add their product and start selling or avoiding the technicalities involved in setting up an individual store

Benefits for Store Owner

  • Sell a wide range of various products through his Multi vendor store

  • Get your store a lot of traffic thanks for many products available on your site

  • Easy to manage the inventory of their store

  • Earn a lot of commissions due to many selling options available in multi vendor marketplace

Understanding valuable advantages of this marketplace, there are a lot of e-commerce solutions integrated with it on the market. Among them, Magento 2 gets the highest recommendation and you can have many options for your Magento store with regard this feature. Three options coming from different Magento solution providers including Magenest, WebKul, Apptha and NetBase will show you the best choice for your store.

We will have an overall picture of 4 products produced by 4 famous Magento solution providers as below:

Multi Vendor of Magenest: is used for all marketplace owners who want to build up a huge platform to connect multiple vendors and customers. This extension for Magento 2 provides the capability to your store to run with multiple vendors. It means that vendors can add, update or sell products from a single store. The important feature of it is admin has all the rights to approve or reject the vendor request at anytime. Thus, customers can easily buy products from the multiple users at a time using single shopping cart. The module also helps store owners convert existing Magento 2 store to a shopping mall with multi-vendor portal management. Special and attractive design is for seller portal to manage products, commissions, orders and payouts.

Outstanding features include:

  • Multiple vendor management from a single interface


  • Efficient product information management with the help of a minimal interface


  • Separate commission computation for each individual seller


  • Feedback management system with ratings and feedback reports


  • Vendor and customer profile management

The Price at $249

Multi Vendor of WebKul: the module is introduced to everyone who wants to build an own full-fledged online store from scratch. Salient features of Webkul’s multi vendor extension in Magento 2 script might be responsive web pages, customizable source code, RTL support, multilingual compatibility, free and regular updates, etc. Marketplace Plugin is also supported by many shipping add-ons including fedex, USPS and many more. You can check all the Magento 2 Marketplace Shipping Modules developed till date.

Outstanding features of Multi vendor of WebKul:

  • Custom email template creation


  • Customer reviews and rating system


  • Product moderation – addition, edition, deletion of user requested products


  • Separate commission calculation for each seller


  • Compatible with Magento Simple, Downloadable, Virtual & Configurable products

The Price at $349

To be continued …

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