Effective marketing might be easy, might be difficult but the main requirement is still comprehending upcoming trends and emerging channels. If you already had the marketing strategies for yourself, it is recommended to read this article to collect more information about how to market small business successfully with Magento extensions:

1. Blog With Expertise

Anyone who has been taking part in the marketing industry for several recent years understands that blogging is a trend that virtually every business has adopted. Blog is the great channel if you want to utilize search engine optimization practices and makes your small business be noticed; however, many businesses seem to focus on frequency rather than quality.

With Magento blog extension, besides uploading content you can optimize keywords, meta data to be friendly to search engine. This will lead to more visitors to your website, increase your leads, and help your organization grow. You don’t need to post every day, one post per week is OK but you should make sure that it is quality content. When you already had Magento extensions to support, spend more time on analyzing what will make customers pay attention and schedule for blog.

2. Mobile takeover

Recently, web developers have focused more on mobile browsing and utilize social media platforms that are only available on mobile devices. By the end of 2017, 95% of Americans now own a mobile device and 98% of text messages are opened. That’s the reason why even with Magento extensions, developers always try to make it come with ultimate responsiveness.

3. Social media marketing

Small businesses will not have enough budget to organize big marketing strategies so why don’t you take advantages of Pay attention to personalized marketing techniques; tracking consumer behaviors and targeting them based on their interests is becoming an essential tool of marketing. You can use Magento social login extension, you can approach customers through various social channels such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter.

4. Videos

Videos for both testimonial and product description with Magento product video extension

  • Show Your Product In Action: it is quite hard to imagine how can you sell products to customers while the description you provide is just three or four stock photos on the screen. A video can provide people with some insight into what your product actually does and how it should be used. Combine it with a story to make it more engaging and spread it around as part of your next branded campaign.
  • Go Interactive: A great way to increase engagement levels is to make your videos interactive. Choice-based videos where people can follow a story along, which includes your product, are always popular. You can also organize events via live streaming.

5. Learn from Competitors

Be different from other is so good but spend time to observe your competitors to know what they are doing to attract customers. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, spend time to learn from them, learn from their experience. If you’re the only company in your industry still using cold calling techniques and with little return, it’s time to learn from the other players in the game.