In part 1, we just discussed some first feature of Magento multi-vendor module, so in this part, we will talk about the rest of the story:


absolutely, with Magento Multivendor software, you can promote your SEO with Category pages, optimizing Product title tags, Product Meta descriptions, Product Images. Magento is good at enhancing its SEO URLs for product and category pages or CMS Static Blocks.

Product suggestions:

You guide customers what are bestsellers, the most highlight products with Featured Product, Hot Deal, and Product Best Seller that are displayed right on the Homepage, on the Product Detail page. What’s more, the Product banner slider effectively introduces your products right on the Homepage. They easily catch the viewer’s eyes right at first sight.

Meeting your marketing campaign:

Includes Social media sharing, Product Up-selling, Abandoned Cart Reminders, Add customer review, Product feeds, or Failed order analytics… They are powerful indexes for an online businessman to follow their revenue in a month and have changes if necessary.

Instant Search Thanks for Mega Menu and Magento Quick view modules

They are added into the package, you can let your customers have easy navigation, looking for products just around a few seconds. Customers are able to save their time and have their favorite products.

The most important is Magento Multi vendor Features:

Easy to use and enjoy:

The Magento Multi vendor is developed by NetBase’s team who is leading in the Magento solutions now. Their Magento solutions are very useful and smart and not so complicated to set up and configure. You just install the Package into your site and do configuration as their guiding documents. They offer you valuable and dedicated support to ensure that the module properly works on your site.

High performance

This is an advantage of Magento, as e-commerce experts guessed. According to the upgrade and innovation of the Magento platform, the interface is always user-friendly and high performance. Customers are impossible to finish their online shopping within some minutes without waiting for the loading page as before. Speed is a killer and increasing page load time can significantly improve conversions, as a result.

Final Conclusion

These reasons explain Why Magento should be voted for the Multi-vendor model in this comparative e-commerce as now. You can make your web store stand out others or even earn more and more revenue with this software. And, certainly, when we have the final conclusion of Magento multi-vendor web-store, we should suggest a best-seller package with the name Magento Marketplace theme. If you want to try Magento Marketplace 2, please access the product DEMO. Do you like this product? BUY NOW this product with coupon code MAR_DL to get 18% discount (UP TO $251). If you have any questions, feel free to feedback here. My colleagues and I are willing to support you.

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