How to Build up a Multi-vendor website on Magento multi-vendor theme?

We have few options when finding a solution for a Magento 2 multi-vendor shop like Netbase, Appthaā€¦ however, the extension of NetBase is considered more highly for a lot of reasons.

Unique and Awesome design:

MagentoĀ market place Theme package is designed on the base of e-commerce trends with modern style. It brings your customers a fresh look and ensures to catch their eyes at first sight. Strong and contrast colors make your site more highlight, standing out other competitors. Moreover, easy to navigate and user-friendly interface is focused on regard themes from the NetBase team. With this package, you have 6+ Homepage layouts, adapting to sellersā€™ needs from the most serious customers. The changes of pages of your Magento web-store are developed through 30+ pages, bringing viewers curious and interesting feeling when they discover your site. One more thing we need to mention here, with a multi-seller web-store, customers can find a lot of products at the same time. If you just leave one page or several pages, you make your customers boring with your site, very quickly. More importantly, there are 12+ Multi-vendor pages with this package, with differences of structures, orders, or block arrangementsā€¦ In general, with this theme, you are sure to conquer your customers more easily and quickly than any solutions.

Outstanding features of the Magento Marketplace package

  • It takes a little time for you to set up and customize: because the open-source code allows you to do every changes right in the admin panel. Especially, it supports all kinds of products thus admin can allow sellers to add simple, downloadable, configurable, and virtual items.
  • After installing the theme, you allow sellers to manage all things right in the back end. The vendor can create an invoice, cancel the order, create a credit memo, print the orderā€¦ Admin also is able to commit on a global level as the level of the vendor. Other features including Review and Rating, Inventory, and Vendor Dashboard management are offered by the package, allowing vendors to comfortably manage and drive their store on your Multi-vendor website. One more interesting is that when a buyer purchases many products on this multi-vendor site, he/she can complete the checkout at once and see the vendor name at the Cart.
  • Module Brand Name is very important for a Multi-vendor shop. It allows sellers to add brands for their products and filter them. This is very helpful for customers to find their loved brands and access new ones on your web-store. They can have a comparison picture and select the best item on your site.

If a vendor wants to make their products as Featured, Product sellerā€¦ on your site, it will be very easy to process. Right on the Homepage, we give you the ability to show Best Seller products, New products, Product on Sales, Featured Products, catching customerā€™s eyes at the first view. Moreover, Product hovering function is added thus, when customers move their mouse on a product image, there are multi options for them to click as below:

Last but not least important, the theme of Magento 2 Marketplace allows customers to enjoy and do shopping on your site through any devices from mobile phones, tablets to the computer. The design is adaptable for any means, offering the highest quality performance.

There are up to 6 Unique Demos meeting all requirements, all types of products, and all customers of your Vendors. Thus, just click here to take a tour of the visit and you will see the difference in this Theme that can be found in another Magento2 market. Magento Multi-vendor Marketplace package will be the best tool for you to conquer the current multi-vendor trend of E-commerce as now. A smart investment always brings to us the best result. Do not forget coupon code MAR_DLĀ to get 18% Discount when you buy Magento Marketplace2.Ā If you need any help figuring please feel free to contact Our Support team and we will be happy to help. If you have any questions about the product, please contactĀ We areĀ willing to answer your questions

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