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While a lot of sites are choosing to stick to a small niche, there’s still an opportunity for online stores that offer a wide assortment of goods. This is a business trend in 2020 so a multistore website is a great thing that you need to have. Cmsmart is the perfect location for you if you’re looking for a provider to create a multi-store site with WordPress. Comeback with the topic "How To Configure Multi Layouts For Product Category Or Detail With WordPress Marketplace?" The success of a business depends very much on the layout of the site. 

Choosing an appropriate layout will help you convey the content of information about products, services, missions, core values of the company. Going deeper into the product category layout, you also need to arrange and customizations that make sense to users. To make Configure Multi Layouts For Product Category better, today Cmsmart will bring the most detailed instructions about it. You have many options to show your category with products on list or grid and you can change its content also. You can edit title, sidebar, Meta layout, and tons of things to make your product page beautiful. Let's follow the article's content.

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How To Configure Multi Layouts For Product Category Or Detail With WordPress Multistore?

Go to backend -> WooCommerce -> Product Category (Product Detail) -> edit Title, Layout,…

1. Go to backend => Woocommerce

  • At product category title: Enter shop page name 
  • Product category layout: Make customize size of content width.
  • Choosing sidebar style you want

2. Product Category (Product Detail) => Edit Title, Layout,...

  • Make customize size of content width.

  • Product details Sidebar

  • Product meta layout

  • Add to cart input style

We hope you find a guide helpful. Now you can easily configure Multi Layouts For Product Category Or Detail With WordPress Multistore. If you want to have more experience in our products, please access the link DEMO. If you have any questions, you can contact us on  We are willing to support you. Don't forget to use coupon code MAR_DL to get 18% OFF for this product.

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