As you know, WordPress PrintStore is one of the best Products on CMSmart. This is No1 Web to Print Solution for SMB Printing Business. PrintStore package has some highlight Features such as Easy to use, Print on Demand, online design and print, fulfillment and shipping – Printful. With this product, we have more than 1700 sales and Provide thousands of solutions to our customers. And at the end of November, we released the latest version 5.6.0. What are the new features or changes in this release? How to use them? Today, I will introduce to you about new features in WordPress PrintStore Solution package version 5.6.0. Here we go!

Wordpress printstore

Integrate with WooPanel 2.2.0

If you know WordPress WooPanel Plugin on CMSmart, you will be interested in PrintStore at this version because it integrated with WooPanel version 2.2.0. WooPanel plugin is a powerful tool on the Woocommerce Platform. It allows you can manage your store products, customers, right from Website Frontend without log-in to WP Admin. This is a great solution to solve the Generic Access Profile of Connect between WooCommerce, Dokan Multiple Vendor, WordPress MultiStore, CRM and More.

Update many other features

1. Update plugin: Dokan Pro 2.9.15

This plugin released version 2.9.15 on 19 November 2019 by with many new features and Updates. New features include Add Dokan Shortcode Gutenberg block, Add single seller mode option and Show warranty policy tab in the single product page. Besides, many bugs have been fixed in this release version. This is a very large update of the Dokan plugin. Now, this plugin has been integrated into WordPress PrinStore. That’s great!

2. Update plugin: Slider Revolution 6.1.5

Slider Revolution 6.1.5 was updated on 14th November 2019 and this is the latest version of Slider Revolution. There have been a few significant changes in this release.

* New feature: The import process now checks for image duplication not only in the same folder but in the whole WordPress installation.

* Changes: The Gutenberg block opens the module library now directly when added

* Bugfixes: Removed unwanted "rated" text from WooCommerce product star rating

  • Fixed scrollbar issues in the editor and overview pages
  • Fixed an issue with line-heights in some rare cases where i.e. Safari was ignoring the responsive children sizes
  • Fixed drop zone issues in the overview and editor mode where dragging files from desktop over the browser were not always working well

Above are some changes in WordPress PrintStore in version 5.6.0. I hope this article has brought you a lot of useful information. If you want to try PrintStore product DEMO, please click! If you have any questions about the product, please contact the contact information below or here We are willing to answer all of your questions. Thank you for reading and keep following us to get more information in the next article! 

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