This functioned theme is added some valuable extensions of Netbase market, ensuring your store gives your customers the best services. They are named:

Magento 2 Marketplace Multistore

1. Ajax cart

The long add to cart process annoys customers so Ajax Cart Extension for Magento 2 is an excellent extension for users who hate constant page reloads. It helps them add, edit or remove products from Ajax pop-up easier without interrupting the shopping process.

Many benefits below will show the reasons why your site should get it:

  • There are a lot of benefits for users as well as shop owner when integrated Ajax Cart Pro Extension on your e-commerce website. It saves shoppers a huge time on shopping without reloading pages. It also increases sales volume with higher conversion rates and customer retention. Besides, customers can explore the catalog easier and enjoy a pro-level site.
  • Moreover, Ajax Cart Pro Extension for Magento 2 works well with all types of products and it is totally responsive so your customers can purchase items anywhere and anytime. Besides,  admin can configure theme colors simply as their favorite color in comfortable popup from the admin panel easily.

Please read more product information here  “Userguide_ Mag2_ Ajax Cart

2. Ajax search

It is great if your site gets a beautiful theme but it is not enough for customer experience. User-friendly is also an important factor. Ajax Search Autocomplete and Suggest Extension for Magento 2 is one of the indispensable things that help the customer find what they need in the shortest way.

Many benefits below will show the reasons why your site should get it:

  • Ajax Search Extension for Magento 2 provides a smart search extension for your website with Autocomplete and Suggestion. Just a few seconds, customers will have wish results with calling out suggest words.
  • The buyers will not meet any trouble to look for what they want. Results will be shown on a drop-down list with images, information about the product which helps the customer choose suitable items.
  • Furthermore, customer can search keyword by category field that help them narrow range search.
  • This extension not only makes buyers comfortable when searching product but also brings easy installation for admin with simple set up steps.

Please read more product information here “Userguide_ Mag2_ Ajax Search

3. Blog

Are you looking for a way to engage more and more customers to your shop? Blog Extension For Magento 2 is the best solution for this problem. You can use the blog to provide information about products, promotions, sales, and discounts or just make it a source of fun content.

Blog Extension for Magento 2 will bring for shop owner and your customer many huge benefits as below:

  • Show the latest information in a professional way so that you can engage and attract the huge amount of visitors.
  • Update information of your shop such as news, discounts, sales, new products, events... continuously.
  • Allow your customers to share your posts in Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, or wherever else and it lets customers know more about your business.
  • Gives you an opportunity to communicate with your regular customers and casual visitors.
  • Build relevant SEO-friendly text links that influence search engine rankings and serves as assistance in building sales strategy

Please read more product information here “Userguide_ Mag2_ Blog

4. Mega Menu

Mega Menu Extension for Magento 2 is the shortest way to navigate customers to the exact place they are looking for. You can organize products and categories in the smart way to improve the usability of your online store.

This extension support on both horizontal and vertical menu, therefore shop owners can arrange their category as they wish. The outstanding point of this extension is the display 7 styles in the menu that not only attract customers but also helps the shop owner to create an excellent direction board.

We would like to show you both benefit of Mega Menu Extension for Shop owner and their customers as below:

Shop owner:

  • Top menu is considered as key navigation on your website, therefore, the shop owner can increase profits by changing the site menu. Because of the maximum volume of information needed, your potential clients can see what they want with only click.
  • Instead of spending much time and effort in coding and designing the menu manually, now there are a huge number of menu templates available for you to select. You can make your own style.
  • The default Magento menu system is basic and it lacks advanced functions, that's why we initiate Mega Menu Magento extension which can help you simplify menu system management on your Magento website.
  • With this Magento Menu extension, you can display your categories and sub-categories in a multi-column drop-down menu; show all products list by hovering over menu items that make your customers find it very simple. Special, creating and editing menu items and menu bars with a lot of features seems never easier.


  • Users can see all items of the products of your catalog immediately and all information is available at the first sight. Save your huge time on shopping because users can find the information as soon as possible.
  • Both of shop owners and users who don't need to become developers, still manage effortlessly all information that they want to display on the mega menu.

Please read more product information here “Userguide_ Mag2_MegaMenu

5. One Step Checkout

The checkout process of default Magento annoys customers and takes a long time. One Step Checkout Extension for Magento 2 is an excellent solution to reduce your customer abandonment and increase conversions. 

When you integrate One Step Checkout Extension For Magento 2 on your website, you see many benefits as below:

  • For Shop Owner: Reduce the required steps in the default checkout process from 2 steps into 1 step. All checkout information will be displayed on one page that makes your website become professional in customer's eyes. You will be amazed at the significant increase in your store's conversion rate after installing our One Step Checkout extension for Magento 2.
  • For Clients: They can see all available method payment and which method payment is suitable to them. Besides, they can edit product quantity or delete in the checkout process without backing the view cart page. This extension brings convenience and saves shopping time for your customers. 

Please read more product information here “Userguide_ Mag2_ One Step Checkout

6. Shop By Brand

It is easy for your customers as well as your shop if customers give their purchasing decision through the brand they love. With Shop By Brand Extension for Magento 2, admin can create a custom brand page that displays a list of brands and by clicking on any brands, your customer will view brand information and all products belong to this brand.

Shop By Brand Extension for Magento 2 will bring both the shop owner and customers many huge benefits as below:

For Shop Owner:

  • Easy to filter or Search the brand and add brand information as name, logo, banner, description, or select products for this brand.
  • Boost sale: This extension is really helpful in earning customer loyalty of buyers who make purchasing decisions on brand value.

For Customers:

  • Get all brands of all products.
  • Get the featured brands.
  • Get the brand details: name, logo, banner, description, featured products, or bestseller products.
  • Allow customers to shop by brand in your store.
  • Can search the brand through the search box or brand filter.

Please read more product information here “Userguide_ Mag2_ Shop By Brand

7. FAQ

Now many customers often wonder many problems before & after purchasing. They want all answers will be responded quickly, and FAQ Extension For Magento 2 is the solution for the problem. It brings to your customers a list of the questions and answers about products in the fastest way.

FAQ Extension for Magento 2 will bring for the shop owner and your customer many benefits as below:

Shop owner:

  • Easy to install and customize.
  • Save time in support of customers because many answers are available.


  • Find their answer quickly in FAQ pages, detail page, a sidebar of the category.
  • Just click "Ask us question" button to send a question directly to admin.
  • Give the fast decision.

Please read more product information here “Userguide_ Mag2_ FAQ

8. Multivendor

Do you want to expand your business by switching your existing Magento store to a multiple-seller marketplace? And a Marketplace Multi-Vendor Extension for Magento 2 is an effective solution to make this. With integrating this Marketplace Multi-Vendor Extension, your site will run effortlessly.

Marketplace Multi-Vendor Module for Magento 2 will run your business effortlessly with our unique features:

  • Ability to approve, disapprove and delete seller in the admin panel
  • Admin can manage the Seller profile page setting
  • Allow the sealer to select for enabling the social media fields on Seller's Profile page
  • Admin will allow product types that sellers/vendors can add
  • Admin can choose to auto-approve product or not
  • Admin can delete, change status(approve/disapprove) and edit seller products
  • Admin can allow the seller to add related products, up-sell products and cross-sell
  • Products from seller's panel
  • Admin can configure for the chart in the seller dashboard
  • Different seller commission for each seller
  • Set seller commission by fixed and percentage type
  • Admin can choose to auto-approve orders or not

Please read more product information here “Userguide_ Mag2_ Multivendor

9. QuickView

In this day, time is gold and everyone wants to save their time as much as possible, even in shopping online. The customer wants to reduce the shopping time on reviewing products; have a convenient experience through having a quick review of product details and adding products to the cart right from the pop-up window on the homepage and category page. Quick View extension for Magento 2 is the best choice for you to resolve this problem.

Many benefits below will show the reasons why your site should get it:

  • Quick View for Magento 2 is really is a useful tool for your website. Without reloading the page, navigating to other pages, the customer has an overview of the product through a pop-up window. This pop-up shows you the details of the product via images, descriptions, product materials, and the price of each item. To bring customers a comprehensive view and correct decision to buy the product, this tool allows your customers can add products and quantity to your shopping cart when selecting a great product, which they do not miss with load again the product pages.
  • Moreover, from this pop-up window, customers can send product information to friends through email; add it to wishlist as well as comparisons records with other products. Don't need to go to multiple sites to purchase items, shopping online with Quick View for Magento 2 is fun and saves a lot of time, brings excellent experience shopping for customers. Any products have a detail page, so if your customers want to have more information they only click to go to the product details page.

Please read more product information here “Userguide_ Mag2_ Quickview

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