Magento 2 FAQ extension

At the price of $79.79

Faqs mean that Frequently asked question feature which is one of the most basic features to run a Magento store. It can be said that the launch of this module went along with the development of Magento platform. To Magento 2, FAQ extension still saves the important position and should be installed for your M2 store. Why is Magento 2 FAQ extension released? No many customers often wonder many problems before and after purchasing. In contrast, they want to have a quick response for their problem. FAQ solution creates a list of usual and normal questions and answers about products, supporting customers in the fastest way.

Advanced features of Magento 2 FAQ extension are listed as below:

  • Take some minutes for web-store owners to install and customize


  • Save much time of web-store owners when they add necessary answers as much as possible


  • For users, an overall FAQ page allows customers to find their response quickly. From that, they can give their last decision of products to do purchase.


  • Show FAQ on detail page allows customers to find easier the problem of that product. Just click on the corresponding product, they can have a solution for it.


  • Ajax Live Search is an additional tool for customers to search questions or the same problems within some seconds.


  • Customers are able to add their question with an amazing PopUp in the product page of each product or the FAQ page if they can find the answer for their problem.

Magento 2 Ajax Search and Auto Complete extension

At the price of $78.68

The last item is used to improve customer – experience feature of your Magento 2 site. This beautiful theme is an indispensable thing that helps customer finds what they exactly need in the shortest time. Although shop owners get a powerful Mega Menu, but looking for exactly what they want is not easy for customer when you have a large number of items to select. This extension gives Search and Instant search functions with Auto complete and suggest, the best tool to find out their Products. With Calling-out suggested items, the system constantly show result and product’s information is also displayed on the drop-down list. And certainly, high performance makes your site more user-friendly and convenient when customers do online shopping on your site.

Advanced Features of Magento 2 Ajax Search and Auto Complete extension

  • Provide a smart search tool for your web-store with Auto Complete and Suggestion features. It will save much time when customers shop on your site. Just some seconds will bring customers necessary results through some calling-out suggestion words.


  • No trouble when buyers look for what they want. It is because results will be shown on drop-down list with an image, information of product will be crucial for them to choose the most suitable products.


  • Customers are possible to search keyword by category field, helpful for users when range search is narrower.
    Simple set up steps make this module is not only good for users but also for Admin, supporting web-store owners how to install the module, how to customize and run it to get higher profit.


  • Three ideas are basic and functional features for any Magento 2. An investment amount under $100 brings you more profit and conversions than your expectation. You should get more details of these products and also have the last decision. These extensions promise to improve your e-commerce, especially SEO and Customer service.