One of the most important factors that printing business owners should concern about is the market. You should learn about the latest change in the market, the latest trend in the printing industry as well as statistics about market value, and growth rate to have the best affordable business strategy.  

In this article, we will present printing industry trends currently and in the future. Besides, printing industry statistics, and growth speed in the future will present specific to give you an overview of the industry.

Now, let’s start by exploring the trends of the printing industry. 

What is the current trend in the printing industry?

Green, eco-friendly printing

At first, we want to show the printing industry trend most worth following - green, eco-friendly printing. In this, they use renewable energy resources in the process, using recycled materials to manufacture. Some businesses use free chemistry materials such as soy ink (ink made from soy), it is easy to recycle, and more environmentally friendly than other ink. Not only that, they use tree-free paper, paper made from jute, wheat, straw, or agricultural waste. All of us are take printing more eco-friendly.


Using materials more environmentally friendly such as inks, finishes, and papers that will decompose easily and that won’t release harmful chemicals into the environment. And using energy-efficient equipment, that operates using less electricity. All of them can reduce the impact on the environment, and printers become more sustainable. 

Digital printing

It is a printing technique using a digital image from a computer or other digital source. So it is the latest printing industry trend. Digital printing is affordable for professional printing and requires fast printing and smaller quantity order. Some reasons that you should use it such as saving money, faster, reducing emissions, and reducing waste.

3D printing

This solution can make products complicated but use fewer materials than traditional. Using materials like metals, resin, and cement, they apply this solution to build houses faster and make prototypes, and tools easier and cheaper.  3D printing has many benefits: low cost- making prototypes by 3D printing need less material than traditional methods. Save time: make the product by machine faster than making it handwork. 

Learn more about 3D printing from the below video.

Pocket printers

Pocket printers will become a new trend in the printing industry, it makes many people excited because of their mini size. 

Compact printers allow you to bring them in your pocket everywhere. You can print directly from your mobile device. You just connect your device to the printer with Bluetooth and print, it is easy to use. Then, one reason why people use the Pocket printer, it doesn’t require ink. So, it is considered an environmentally friendly product, it uses special ink that has no harmful chemicals and never needs to be refilled, which is safe and sustainable for the environment. 


Personalized product is a trend that is generated long ago, but it still maintains appeal until now and maybe future. Web to print is integrated with an online design tool is the best solution that can bring to the use the experience of personalizing the product.

Cloud printing

Cloud printing allows customers to print by connecting their mobile device to a cloud printer and printing everywhere without a computer. With its convenience, cloud printing gives users a completely new experience in printing.  Although it is not a new trend, in the pandemic crisis, cloud printing becomes a trend one more time.

Some printing industry trends will make you catch up with the market. Then you can have a strategy to satisfy your customers. Some statistics can demonstrate the development of the printing industry and it can give you an overview of this industry.

Printing industry statistics

According to the IBISWorld report, data on the Commercial Printing Industry and the United States Printing Industry is shown in particular.

Commercial printing industry statistics

Through the statistics, You can see an overview printing industry. It tells about growth speed and revenue. Regardless, of Covid-19, revenue from print advertising increased by 18% between 2019 and 2020, and it is forecasted to reach $821 billion by 2022. But in China, the impact of Covid-19 caused print production in China to fall by up to 80%, this is bad news for China's economy. The pandemic has passed with the expectation of many economic sectors increasing, and the printing industry in China is also expected to grow after the crisis. 

United States printing industry statistics


It's also not outside the impact of Covid 19 that US print industry revenue has decreased 3.4% in 2020. But in 2021, The US printing industry market is valued at $77.7 billion. The US printing industry were 45,029 American printing businesses in 2021. And it became the 14th largest manufacturing industry in America. 

Print-on-demand during COVID-19 and beyond

Regardless of Covid 19, Print on demand is still growing stronger because people tend to buy through e-commerce websites. The global print-on-demand market size was valued at USD 4.90 billion in 2021 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 26.1% from 2022 to 2030.

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Web-to-Print industry statistics

The web-to-print industry is still expected to grow exponentially. According to the Booklets Print report, this industry has grown exponentially since the development of eCommerce and digital payment solutions. Research and Markets report the global web-to-print market is valued at $983.4 million in 2020. The current rate of market growth is 6.6% and the global web-to-print market is expected to reach a value of $1500 million by 2027. 

Dropshipping statistics


With the development of the internet and e-commerce, Dropshipping is becoming popular. It is expected will grow stronger in the future. 

According to Market Data Forecast, the global dropshipping market is valued at $128 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach $196.78 billion in 2022. Oberlo predicts an annual growth rate of the dropshipping market from 2020 to 2026 to be 24%. Along with this growth, the dropshipping market could reach $243.42 billion by 2023, reach $476.1 billion by 2026, and reach $500 billion mark in 2027.

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Custom t-shirt printing industry statistics


T-shirt printing on demand is becoming more popular because of the trend for customized products. Some figures can be mentioned when talking about the global printing market such as the t-shirt printing market was valued at $3.64 billion in 2020 and the CAGR is expected to increase to 9.7% from 2021 to 2028.

The latest printing industry trend, digital printing has become the fastest-growing segment of the t-shirt industry.  It is expected to reach $34.3 billion by 2026, at a CAGR of 6.7%. (Grand View Research). In Global, Asia Pacific is the second largest 3D printing market accounting for over 36% of the global revenue. And Asia Pacific and European are expected to be the largest growth driver of the market.

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3D printing statistics


One of the printing industry trends is 3D printing. In its report, Ibisworld pointed out that 3D printing is the fastest-growing trend and continues in the future. Not only that, 3D printing is considered a factor promoting the printing market.

In 2020, the global 3D printing market was valued at $12.6 billion and $13.7 billion in 2021. The growth does not stop here when they expect it to grow by 21% from 2021 to 2028. The next growth momentum of the 3D printing market is predicted to reach $37.2 billion by 2026. Product development is considered the most important in 3D print manufacturing. And General Electric holds the most 3D printing patents in the US. 

Future trends in the printing industry

Nothing can prevent the development of the printing industry in the world although during the covid 19 epidemic it is showing signs of slowing down. However, according to the data, the printing industry is gradually recovering. At the top of the article we have provided you with 5 printing industry trends in current, and now we will talk about future printing industry trends. 

3D printing is one of the fastest-growing printing industry trends. And they believe it will take more convenient and advanced for people in the future.

4D printing will become a big trend in the printing industry in the future because of its outstanding features. It has features that are superior to 3D printing. 4D printing is considered an extension of 3D printing, and the fourth dimension is expanded, it is called time. In 3D printing, the shape just can change in the process. But in 4D printing, the shape can change after print when impacted by another source such as temperature, water,… 

What different between 3D printing and 4D printing? This video will clarify for you.

Bottom line

Above are the printing industry trends and figures. Hope this information will be useful to you and will be able to assist you in your decision. So, if you are interested in the printing industry and if you want to start a printing business you can refer to How to start a printing business online.  Or if you want to receive support, contact us.

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