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Thank you very much for being interested in and using CMSmart's products and services.

Recently, we have received a lot of support requests about the website's media storage issues on the hosting from customers. Shop owners who set up their website on the shared-hosting or server which have small storage space may meet storage issues when using the NBdesigner plugin. This does not happen to all websites, only websites on a small server and have a large number of file uploads may have problems.

Why release the NBdesigner Cloud plugin?

Most online print shops provide the ability to upload media files that support design work or product customization. That makes storage management more difficult. They have to face increasing storage costs or insufficient storage capacity, which stops websites from normally operating.

Currently, the cost of centralized storage is more and more expensive. Along with the storage capacity adding is meeting many difficulties, specifically on Shared-hosting and small servers.

In addition, saving entire media files on the same server affects the site loading speed and decreases user experience during shopping, which increases the site leaving rate and loss of purchase orders.

Understanding customer demand, CMSmart releases a new Plugin based on NBdesigner which is integrated with a cloud storage solution called NBdesigner Cloud Plugin. NBdesigner cloud allows all media files that users have uploaded to the designer tool to be stored on the cloud storage of Printcart instead of stored on the local drive of the hosting or server.

NBdesigner cloud

The advantages of NBdesigner cloud

  • Reduce the cost of storage on hosting and server. The cloud storage solution is much cheaper than hosting or server storage.
  • Installable on any hosting without some special PHP extensions like NBDesigner.
  • Increase the website loading speed because the media data are loaded from Cloud storage and CDN integrated on Printcart.
  • Easy to back up and restore the entire site because it is unnecessary to back up the uploaded media data, which takes the most storage. They will be stored on cloud storage.
  • Decrease the risk of meeting bandwidth limits on several hosting services.
  • Enhance the website performance because many media data are processed on Printcart's resources.

NBdesigner Cloud

NBdesigner cloud is a different product that can not be upgraded from the NBDesigner plugin. It will be continuously developed in the future, especially with API-integrated ability compatible with other Web-to-print solutions. To support the customers who are using NBDesigner version 2.8.3 or lower, we offer free consultations and project analysis services for our customers who have the following demands:

  • The customers use the original NBDesigner plugin and wish to use the NBDesigner cloud.
  • The customers are using the customized NBDesigner plugin and wish to use the NBDesigner cloud.
  • The customers want to use Printcart Web-to-print solutions. Printcart is a product design and custom solution which is Cloud-based and available to integrate multi-channel, multi-platform.

To get our consultant, kindly leave your information in the request form, schedule a call or start a conversation via live chat.