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meta values

Hi, does your plugin stores information like invoice date and invoice number in the meta values of the order? 
By dizas

May I get step by step instructions on how to upgrade

May I get step by step instructions on how to upgrade (for example, from version 2.7.2 to version 2.7.3)Thank you.
Tony Ngo
By Tony Ngo


Hi where do I install the font and clipart files? It said something about overriding a folder but I do not see that folder.
James Clarke
By James Clarke

Database Error once I press save in product description page.

Hi, Once I click save in virtuemart product page, the error:An error has occurred.1054 Unknown column 'Array' in 'where clause'Is there a way to fix this? 
Khai Ern
By Khai Ern

Free edition in Magento 2.4 CE

Dear developers,I installed the free version to test the plugin on a magento 2.4 CE.unfortunately, now when I try to add a new simple product to a category, all the product in that category stop...
By diego

error installing on staging environemnt

Hello I can't install this plugin properly , it says "there is some error" when you select setup sample database and I cannot get past this point . Do I need to set up the sample database for this to...
Jon Hancock
By Jon Hancock

What To Create Menu On Shopify?

You can add menu items to your online store menus to build your store's navigation. Menu items can be linked to products, collections, webpages, blog posts, policies, or other websites. You can...
By Netbase

Feature Missing

This is Beautiful Marketplace., but Some feature missing!! 1. Pin Code Check before Order Placing and for COD availability is must be there to Check Shipping and Delivery Days and...
By Prashant

Vendors can not add new

When I login as a vendor and try to add a new product from dashboard,the pop-in window will close no matter I click any button.
Jiaming ZHANG
By Jiaming ZHANG

Steps to doing T-shirt business and How much money does it cost?

Step 1: Choose the right platformWhen running a T-shirt business, the first and very important step is choosing a platform. Think about this: whenever a buyer places an order, that platform will...
Lynn Jones
By Lynn Jones

How To Use Shopify For Dropshipping ( Part 1)

Each platform will have different structures, as a user I feel Shopify is a fairly easy to use platform, a friendly interface for most people. This article we will help you understand the basic...
South Bevis
By South Bevis

Can I install and use the package I buy on many different domains?

No, you just can use it on 1 domain. We just give you the support and update and license on 1 domain. If you have many domains and need to use on your available domains, please contact us then we...
Sam Helen
By Sam Helen

Can sellers/vendors hide the price of products?

Yes, they can hide the price for any products or any categories and replace “add to cart” button by “call for price” button.
Sam Helen
By Sam Helen

Can sellers/vendors add their store locations?

Sellers can add unlimited store locations and set one to be the main location. Customers will see all the locations of each store through a full list.
Sam Helen
By Sam Helen

Does this package have auto approve feature for seller’s products?

Yes, you can set up product auto-approve or not.
Sam Helen
By Sam Helen