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How To Increase Traffic For Travel Agency Website

Have this situation ever happened to you? Customers visiting your travel agency website, searching for flights and booking hotels, but then randomly leaving without completing the process? book room....
By Jennie

Great Event Website Design Tips For Business In 2020

As you know, the website is one of the most effective marketing tools today. The website provides information. But if your website has too much information, it doesn’t look appealing and more...
Lena Ho
By Lena Ho

The Pros & Cons When Using Salon Online Booking Plugin

According to some studies showing that 35% of customers prefer to schedule appointments during non-working hours? Not only that, 25% of millennials (those under 35 years old) tend to book their...
Sam Smith
By Sam Smith

How to Easily Make Your Own Beauty Salon Booking Website?

You've aced the craft of cosmetology—yet you don't likewise need to ace the specialty of website architecture to build an online presence. This guide is some useful rules for DIY salon proprietors...
Ryan Terry
By Ryan Terry

The Best Tour Operator Plugin For Travel Website

Whether you're a start-up travel agency looking to build a great travel website, or an experienced travel agency looking to develop and rebuild a better and optimized website. Or, if you are an...
By Jennie

How To Create A Smooth Booking Hotel System?

In the strong development trend of the internet and technology applications, the hotel business on the internet is gradually becoming an inevitable trend in this industry. If you are not using the...
Sam Helen
By Sam Helen

How To Choose The Best WordPress Plugin For Travel Website?

On the WordPress library, there are tens of thousands of paid and free WordPress plugins. In addition to useful plugins, "garbage" is not lacking. And if you use too many plugins for a website, it...
By Jennie

Why You Should Use WordPress Tour Operator Pro Plugin?

With improvements in technology and also in life, people's lives also move quickly. According to Statista, it's not surprising that more than half of the custommers spend just one week researching...
By Jennie

What Are The Best Types Of WordPress Hotel Booking Plugin?

You need a booking system once you generate a hotel or travel site. However, you do not necessarily have to have a hotel as you are able to be an affiliate and make money. One of the greatest...
By Tunie

Virtuemart 3.6x

 Hi plugin is compatible with Virtuemart 3.6 Thank You
Laura Uleri
By Laura Uleri

How To Create Facebook API And Submit A Permission Approval Request To Facebook.

To be able to use Facebook-related plugins. Certainly, you need to use the Facebook API to be able to link to your website or the Plugin that you are using. So what is the Facebook API?A full API...
By Netbase

Set min date too in the calendar

Hello! I need to know if your plugin can handle min date too. My shop will send products on tuesday and friday. And i don't want the customer to select a day that is "the nex day".Example: the...
By GiGa

How To Easily Build a Hotel Booking Website?

Whether you’re operating as an independent hotel in a quiet country town, or managing a chain of hotels in some of the most visited destinations around the globe – you’re going to need to know...
Ryan Terry
By Ryan Terry

404 add to cart products

Hi, I have a trouble, and it's amazing that i can't find a simple explanation about permalinks form Wordpress Printshop.I have some 404 errors and I secure that is a permalink problem config. I need...
Caio Oliveira
By Caio Oliveira

Color Swatch 2.7.0 mkdir() error Bug

HelloI'm George (site owner), my site is builded with Color Swatch Plugin, my programmer buyed this extension from your shop. Can i get the solve of this bug i see in version 2.7.1 this bug is...
By George