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How To Easily Build a Hotel Booking Website?

Whether you’re operating as an independent hotel in a quiet country town, or managing a chain of hotels in some of the most visited destinations around the globe – you’re going to need to know...
Ryan Terry
By Ryan Terry

404 add to cart products

Hi, I have a trouble, and it's amazing that i can't find a simple explanation about permalinks form Wordpress Printshop.I have some 404 errors and I secure that is a permalink problem config. I need...
Caio Oliveira
By Caio Oliveira

Color Swatch 2.7.0 mkdir() error Bug

HelloI'm George (site owner), my site is builded with Color Swatch Plugin, my programmer buyed this extension from your shop. Can i get the solve of this bug i see in version 2.7.1 this bug is...
By George

Theme and Designer Plugin

Hello,I am planning to start a new custom t-shirt ecommerce website with Wordpress and WooCommerce.If I buy this...
By Priya

Design Launcher Feature

Hello,I'm confused about the Designer Launcher feature. Is it available on the "Start Up" package? From the pricing page the "Designer Marketplace" features are checked on the "Developper"...
By srdev

I am located in Germany, can i translate this plugin into German?

Yes, you can translate the plugin into your favorite language. Our plugin supports all types of language.Note: refer the LOCO plugin for translation.
Sam Helen
By Sam Helen

Can we setup the price of the product base on the sale quantity? eg: for 1 qty - $19, for 10 qty - $12?

Yes, you can set up price with quantity break.You can refer Here for example
Sam Helen
By Sam Helen

Can i add new code to get new function for this plugin for my busisness fit?

Yes, we built and developed this plugin based on open source code, you can easily and flexibly customize the plugin as per your demand.
Sam Helen
By Sam Helen

What is the difference between the Start up and Prenium package at $179.69?

Basically, they share the same functions. The difference is the service go with Premium package, it is much more than startup package. Please see details at pricing page. They share the same first...
Sam Helen
By Sam Helen

Can we create design areas with other shapes, e.g. circles, triangles, etc?

Currently the default area is square or rectangle. You can combine with overlay image to create other shapes.
Sam Helen
By Sam Helen

Can I share the design via social channels? If yes, which channels are available for my sharing?

Yes, you can share your design via social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Google
Sam Helen
By Sam Helen

Is NBdesigner responsive?

Yes, it is 100% Responsive & Mobile Friendly
Sam Helen
By Sam Helen

How can i upload images from Adobe Illustrator or, PSD file for design?

NB designer allows you to input the files with the below format: .jpg, .png, .svg. And you can download files to .jpg, png, .svg, or export to .pdf file. So if you want to upload images from Adobe...
Sam Helen
By Sam Helen

As i can see, there is a feature of design launcher available on DEVELOPER & ENTERPRISE package, what can i do with this feature?

 The design Lancher is getting a trend on online printing. It allows you to register to become a designer who can create and sell designs.
Sam Helen
By Sam Helen

How can i create a template?

- In product detail, after check "Use templates" option and "Update" to save product, please see hereYou can easily create a template with this guidance:- In NBDesigner Product tab, see Here -...
Sam Helen
By Sam Helen