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how i can import your demo data

i install the plugin i need to know if i can import the demo data from your demo to my site ? 
Muhamad Hamamami
By Muhamad Hamamami

Wich files are to export?

Pre-sale questions:1. Wich files can i download after a order from Online Product Designer?    - Only the full design file?    - The full design file + the full uploaded image that the client...
Sander Rebry
By Sander Rebry

How to easily create an impressive travel website?

Online ordering is becoming a growing trend in the current era of information technology and the internet. The tourism industry is not out of the trend, proving that the website booking tours are...
Sam Helen
By Sam Helen

Display Brands on single product page

I am developing the online store with PrintShop WordPress responsive theme.I've already activated the Shop by Brands module on NBT Solutions.But I can't display brands in product detail page,...
By riw7563

install just theme and online design

how to install just theme and online design into my magento site?
Izbat Farhan
By Izbat Farhan

How to Creating an Effective Ticket Pricing for events?

To control the entire business of your business and to increase ticket sales, the management of events is somewhat influential. For example, instead of selling single events, you can sell packages...
Ryan Terry
By Ryan Terry

Design Export

For t-shirt design , can i export design alone with 300dpi for printing it on tshirt ,if so let me know .. i checked on demo(from the link listed in forum) but images are coming with tshirt...
By Rajakumar

How To Get The Google API Key Code?

We introduced you to the Google Static Map function. However to use you need the Google Map API Key to use. However, to create this key, google requires the account to verify the visa card. Here I...
South Bevis
By South Bevis

Custom Shapes & Icons

Hello there, Is it possible to add custom shapes and | or icons? I couldn't find some kind of this option
Burhan CTR
By Burhan CTR

Resize Anchors outside of printable area

Is there a way to make it so if you have a image or text box that goes outside of the printable area to still have the resize circles appear outside of the canvas?  It seems all the other product...
By Brian

NBDesigner + Wordpress Multisite : No Valid Plugin Were Found

Hi. I have purchased NBDesigner plugin. I am trying to install to my Wordpress Multisite, but it returns error (see image). "The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were...
Azrul Izzam
By Azrul Izzam

What Do New Versions Of The Product Usually Have?

NB Designer is an online design product, a powerful tool for Webshops to print. It is very useful for both print shop owners and their customers. The free Media Library that is available on the...
South Bevis
By South Bevis

How To Export Design Online As PDF?

The problem here is that you are a shop owner, commonly when a customer finishes designing a product, they will later retain the design they created as a souvenir. In fact, many Print on Demand...
South Bevis
By South Bevis

Smart Assistant For Customer Support For Livechat

We all know for a website sales or service introduction, the FAQs is an indispensable function. FAQs are questions and answers that often follow the same topic. This format is commonly used on...
South Bevis
By South Bevis

Active license key

HelloI can't activate the plugin pro version. When i am click remove button then show massage" Remove license key Unsuccessfully! ". Please help.Thanks
Md Gulam Saruar
By Md Gulam Saruar