The effectiveness of your online store depends on the properties of your items and the quality of your products relies on the print files you create. The better the quality of your print files and designs, the better the overall quality of your products.

If you've been here, you already have, or will, have owned a print-on-demand website with online design to help with that. Your number of buyers is relatively fine with the designs you have and the design adds something simple. Now, imagine what if your client wanted to print their intricate in .ai format, beyond the templates you have available?

Don't let your customers go away for such a simple need. Nbdesigner will help you with that in a simple way that your client uploads their design file and create your print file, will also give you warnings when your image isn’t suitable for printing. Then enjoy it!

With this new feature your client uploads your design then it is converted to svg format. Finally, save it as a template for reuse over and over again.

On the backend there will be an import template button in the template manager. After importing it will become a normal template below the list of templates.

Note: This feature is not included in the licensed product, to install this awesome feature or import designs from any format to svg, do not hesitate to contact us.

I hope this article was helpful to you. 

Online Product Design Plugin product designer tool has built with high-quality coding & experience. It helps your customers get more ideas or just use and place an order. It is designed to focus on the user experience and provide all in one for a breakthrough solution for your print services store.

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