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SAML Single Sign On Magento Extension - Sixto Martin

No, you only need to purchase license for production that you use in production.

Yes, the extension support multi-store. Each store will have its own SAML settings.

Take in mind that you will need a license for each of them.
SAML is a standard for exchanging authentication and authorization data between different domains.

Learn more at:
The extension includes a Readme that explains how to install and where to find the SAML settings panel.

This SAML setting panel contains different sections with a bunch of fields. All of them have a short description that explains what value to use on it.

The extension uses the Onelogin php-saml toolkit [1], so take a look at its settings if you have more doubts

This extension will work with any Identity Provider that follows the SAML 2.0 standard.

Take in mind that SP expects to receive the SAMLResponse using the HTTP-Post binding, and rest of the SAML messages are exchange using HTTP-Redirect binding.
If you have a complex project where you want to add SAML support, for sure you will need to buy this extension to save you the time of integrate Magento.

If you need custom solutions for specific apps, or you don't have much idea about SAML and are not able to configure the Identity Provider, you can contact me at and I can offer my help and agree rate per worked hour.
Yes, this extension works on Magento Community and Magento Enterprise

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