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Magento ver. 2.3.4

Trying to find out more information on the setting up an OKTA instance with Magento. I wanted to find out if this extension is compatible with Magento Ver.2.3.4?    
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Hi  We have Magento Community Edition 1.5.x version, and looking for Single Sign on platform for OKTA integration. couple of questions?  1. does it suppor 1.5.x magento version  2. does it work with OKTA SAML configuration  3. does it have something, to exclude "/api/" from OKTA login to use as api for clients??  Any help is appreciated!!
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As I understand the module “SAML Single Sign On Magento Extension” is under the GPL license which is not compatible with the Magento EE (Enterprise Edition) license. Is it possible to buy the module with the “LGPL” (Lesser GPL) license?
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Shibboleth SAML 2 SSO

We are interested in purchasing this extension for the following use case:For a university we are creating a dedicated webshop with specific discounts. Studentes and employees have to identify themselves using the SSO that the university uses, this is Shibboleth and if follows the SAML 2.0 standard.We have the following questions:- Does your exetension work with Magento 1 enterprise v. Will it be possible to integrate the Shibboleth SSO?- Reading the details of the extension I assume...
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Login link goes right to SSO providor

We noticed in your Magento 2 module you put in the ability to hide the local login and when a user clicks login on the site it will take the customer to the SSO login and they never see the login page on Magento. Does this exist in your Magento 1 module as well? Something our magento 1 customer has been asking for years to have on the site. thanks for a great M1 and M2 module.
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SSO Redirect

When our User is logging into the System which we have configured for SSO, they land at an undesired page. How do I make the Users go to a certain page after they login? Is this a configurable field to change the Landing Page?
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iDP Identity and SAML Endpoint

So, we have developed a website for our very large client. The client requested that the website have the SSO functionality and they are using Ping Identity as their SSO Provider and that have given us the iDP information and other various configuration information. Now they are asking us for our iDP and SAML Endpoint. What are these fields and how can I obtain this information to share to my client?Thank you very much for your help.
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PHP Version Requirement

Our current version of PHP is 5.6.26. We want to install the extension but, we are getting the error (CONNECT ERROR: Package community/Onelogin_SAML 1.1.4: requires PHP version >= 5.3.3 and
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Magento 2 Support

Hi,I'm looking to purchase this item and I would like to know if your extension supports Magento 2 and above? I saw one of your YouTube video demo'ing SSO on Magento 2.Look forward to hearing from you.Thanks.
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Customer sharing "Global" issue

HiWe are using this extension. We have 12 websites and we set Customer Sharing as "Global". We also have option "Create user if not exist" set to "Yes"Issue is we can not login with same customer on another website. It show me an error:The auto-provisioning process failed: Customer email already existCan you let me know what we need to do to make it works? We need to set Customer Sharing as "Global"Thank you
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SAML for Magento2

Do you have any plans of making your SAML/SSO plugin available on Magento2? We are starting work on a magento upgrade, but looking for a compatible/supported SAML plugin.
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Hi ,I am using this extension for our Magento project.My problem is. we have 12 websites (same domain, store code added to url).From backend, we see the same metadata url being used for 12 websites (without store code)And now, we can implement only 1 website (default website). When we try to add another website to ADFSIt show me the error:An error occurred during an attempt to access the AD FS configuration database: Error message MSIS7612: Each identifier for a relying party trust must be...
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hi,We have a B2B Magento site which we have multiple corporate clients who are using different SSO solutions. Can this extension multiple SSO solutions ?We also have a need to support LDAP or Active Directory. Do you provide custom project support?Thanks!
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Is this extension encrypted in anyway, limiting me from further extending it for my specific needs?
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MS Azure SSO

I am looking to buy this extension for a client, they are using MS azure for SSO, i want to know if this would work with MS Azure or not? If yes, how can we integrate it?
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2018, Jul 31

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