Everyone loves T-shirts. This is one of the most popular items that are worn by both women and men because of its convenience and how fashionable they are. According to Statista, the global custom t-shirt printing market was reached $1.16 billion and it was expected to surpass $3.1 billion by 2025. This once again proves that the t-shirt industry has secured a stable place in ecommerce. Now everybody can launch a tshirt store online. But the first step is How to create a t shirt design? In this article, we will show you How to create a T shirt design step by step for beginners. Let’s check out now.

The Beginner's Guide to How to Create a T Shirt Design

Create a T Shirt Design

1. Look up design ideas

The first step of How to create a T shirt design is to look up the ideas design. Start by jotting down the key themes, ideas, and styles you want your brand to be known for. However, you should know exactly your target audience. Who are your customers? How old are they? What is their gender? What do they like, what do they want? You have to answer all these questions, then you can come up with specific designs for each of your customers.

Find the right t-shirt type

  • The crew neck style

Create a T Shirt Design

Probably, the most omnipresent t-shirt that you will encounter on everyone is the crew neck t-shirt. This is one of the best-selling items today thanks to its comfort and flexibility in coordinating for the wearer, creating a youthful and dynamic style. As time goes by, nothing can beat the crew neck t-shirt.

  • The V Neck style

Create a T Shirt Design

As the name implies, this V-neck style forms a V-shape on the neck. Guys with round faces and broad shoulders can take advantage of this neckline because it flaunts their body shape, helping them look slimmer. In addition, the shirt is suitable for girls with a slim body, round face, make them look more attractive.

  • Polo t-shirt collar styles

Create a T Shirt Design

Polo t-shirts are popular among golfers with a wide neck adorned with buttons that add a sense of solemnity to the look. Today, however, polo shirts are also widely worn by men and women in all professions, not just golfers. Slim men and women can make the most of this T-shirt's styling.

Above are some of the most popular T-shirt types, there are also Y neck style, The Scoop Neck style,… that you should consider.

Discover a wide range of design elements

T-shirts have 3 types of shirts, but your t-shirt design can have different shapes and forms. You can use different typography, shapes, illustrations, photograph,s and line drawing as your base design. But if you are looking to create a masterpiece t-shirt design, consider mix and match different so the final result can give you a surprise.

Choose your color palette strategically

Visuals are the first thing that will impress your customers, so any colors you will use in your products can influence the way people perceive your brand and products.

What are the best T-shirt design ideas? Check out our previous article: Top 10 T-Shirt Design Ideas for 2021

2. Create a t shirt design

There are 2 ways to create your own t-shirt design: Do it yourself and hire a designer.

1. Do it yourself

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your one-of-a-kind T-shirt to life right in front of your eyes.

If you don't have a lot of design skills, software like Photoshop or AI might not be the best option for you. If you just want to design a t-shirt simply, then Canva is suitable for you. It has everything you need to develop your designs. You can upload your own image or use the free image in the free library. But if you want to have a t-shirt design website template that helps you can sell custom t-shirt and design your own polo shirt, then our WP T-shirt Print Solution is the right choice for you.

Create a T Shirt Design, Wp Tshirt solution

With the basic functions needed to create a print file for your t-shirt, along with powerful drag and drop editor, access to 50+ t-shirt form, 200+ free t-shirt template, 400+ shapes, 25,000+ icons and 1,500,000 free images fee to express your feelings.  Besides, this is an awesome T-shirt design website template integrated with Sales and marketing tool and Online Designer. Now, you have an online t-shirt shop and freely design shirts on-demand with the Online design tool. In addition, an Online designer is a must-have t-shirt design tool for all companies looking to sell custom t-shirts. Once the t-shirt design WordPress plugin is integrated into your website, it also allows your clients to create a t shirt design according to their needs. This experience will promise a rich UX and keep them stay longer.

You can see more detailed features by access the product here: T-shirt Design website template DEMO or check out  How to Setup and use Online Design in Tshirt Print Solution:

2. Hire a professional designer

Not everyone is talented at creating great designs, that’s totally fine. If you don’t want to spend time creating t-shirt design all by yourself and want to spend more time optimizing your productivity, so take advantage of a professional designer might be a good choice.

Don’t worry if you don’t know where to find them, I have listed here some of the most popular websites that will help you connect with a talented designer.

Upwork, Fiverr, and Guru are global freelancing platforms that let both professional designers and clients find each other.


Above is The Beginner's Guide to How to Create a T Shirt Design. We all know that the competition in selling custom t-shirt is stiff. So, as a new online t-shirt business owner, you have to seek authenticity to be steps ahead of other competitors. and, the easiest way to do that is to own our T-shirt design website template integrated Online Designer This solution will help you automate the tasks of running an online store, especially for beginners like you. Experience features for more detailed information: DEMO

Besides, if you want to know more about the t-shirt printing industry, feel free to download new ebooks here: DOWNLOAD FREE EBOOK

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