As you know, default Magento 2 provides basic Ajax add to cart feature that allowing users to add the product to cart easily without reloading page, including simple, downloadable or virtual products. However, with the configurable, bundle and grouped product expect for configurable products with 2 attributes (including size and color), then you have to visit the product page to custom options. This can be uncomfortable and time-consuming. Therefore, Magento 2 Ajax cart extension will help you solve this problem.

Magento 2 Ajax Cart Extension allows customers to add products from the shopping page to their cart without reloading the page. With an optimized pop-up window, information about the products in your shopping cart will be displayed along with related products and you can customize. This extension will be a positive change for your online store.

With this blog, we would like to introduce some Magento 2 Ajax Cart Extensions that are highly appreciated. These products are popularly used in ecommerce stores. Let's check out now.

But first, let’s talk about why you should use Magento 2 Ajax cart extensions.

Why you should use Magento 2 Ajax Cart Extensions?

Faster loading speed

Ajax (Asynchronous) does everything from the same starting point, which helps to make the total execution time shorter. And when it comes to online stores, Ajax works the same way and, arguably, faster. Using Magento Ajax cart will ensure your internet bandwidth, while also making transactions faster on your website.

Fill In The Gaps Of Magento Default Add-To-Cart Configuration

For Magento Default Add to cart configuration, the notification only appears when a customer adds something to their cart on the product catalog page. It is at the top of the entire page and the client needs to scroll up the top of the page to view it. This is quite an inconvenience. And now, with Magento 2 Add to cart, customers can add the products they want and customize them in the pop-up cart without reloading the entire catalog page.

In addition, customers can view notifications right in the pop-up window, making purchases more useful and respectful.

Shorten the purchasing journey and increase conversion rate

By allowing customers to add to their shopping cart and review their products right at the product listing page, you create a shortcut to the checkout page right there. As you create more checkout aspects, your conversion rate will inevitably increase.

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Top 5 Magento 2 Ajax Cart Extensions For 2020

1. Ajax cart Pro extension by CMSmart

Magento Ajax add to cart extension by CMSmart is highly rated as one of the best Magento shopping carts for Magento ecommerce stores.

With this extension, your customer can add the product to cart and choose its options including quantity, size and color right from catalog page without going to the product page. It’s also allow your customers to add multiple products to cart quickly. Fast processing and smooth transition from the catalog page to the pop up and vice versa.

Besides, the customer has the ability to edit and remove products which have been added to cart right on the top minicart. Moreover, Ajax Cart Pro Extension for Magento 2 works well with all types of products and it is fully responsive so your customers can buy items anywhere and anytime. Additionally, admin can configure a simple theme color as their favorite in a confirmable pop-up from the admin panel with ease.

Besides, you can check out How to install this extension:

2. Magento 2 Ajax Cart extension by Magetop

Magetop AJAX add to Cart is a Magento Plugin that changes the default behavior of the Magento Cart Site, allowing buyers to view the Total Price calculated when changing Quantity of Products without having to manually click the “Update Cart” button. This Ajax shopping cart improves the user experience when purchasing the product. No other code / code / theme changes required, this functionality is added when the plugin is activated.

The Magento ajax add to cart extension is easy to install and configure; only a few options are needed to set up the extension, which can be done within minutes. The store administrator can control each extension function from the admin panel.

3. Magento 2 Ajax cart by BSScommerce

Magento 2 Ajax cart by BSScommerce offers customers many different special features to provide a better experience for users as well as stimulate them to shop more. Your customers can easily add products to their shopping cart in the Ajax pop-up on the product listing page. Besides, they can also select product options without visiting the product page.

4. Magento 2 Ajax Cart Pro by Aheadworks

Magento 2 Ajax Cart Pro by Aheadworks is known to be a great way to overcome the limitations in Magento 2. With this extension, customers can add products to their shopping cart directly from the catalog page. There is no need to reload the page, which improves the consumer's shopping experience, the customer can save a lot of time and your revenue goes up.

5. Amasty Ajax cart for Magento 2

Are you looking for one of the best Magento 2 Ajax cart extension? Amasty is the perfect one for you. With this extension, it will make the shopping process of customers simple and easy right from the very first step. It allows customers to add products right from category page without reloading page. This extension feature supports displaying images of sub-products in confirmation pop up after adding shopping cart successfully.

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Hope that this article of Top 5 Magento 2 Ajax Cart Extensions For 2020 has brought to you much essential information. If you haven't chosen the best Ajax cart extension for Magento 2, you can consider my opinion. In this list, Ajax cart Pro extension by CMSmart is the best and must-have extension for your Magento e-commerce store. it will empower your e-commerce store with the best feature ever. By having this on your market store, it will help increase the conversion rate highly and customer retention. Your store will definitely be flourishing than ever. Check out the DEMO for more information.

And if you have any questions about our article or Magento extension and Magento themes, leave comments in the section below, we are willing to answer all of your questions ASAP.

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