Learn Magento 2 Product video extension

Understanding how Product Video is important for e-business’s sales and conversions, NetBase has released their Magento 2 Product Video extension for any store running Magento 2 platform. It is one of the most effective solutions for Magento site in order to promote marketing and SEO as well. We will learn Why Magento 2 Product Video extension must be an ideal choice for your store.

Magento 2 Product Video extension keeps your web-store always updated. Your videos can be easily added and rated, letting customers get new information frequently. This is the most beneficial way to provide full information about the product through video tutorials, review, testimonials and marketing videos for each product. Besides, you allow buyers to send or upload their video of your product or their experience when using your products.

Outstanding features of Magento 2 Product Video extension

It supports all types of video formats like Local (MP4) and URL (Youtube, Dailymotion, Twitch and Vimeo). Moreover, web-store owners are possible to add multi-videos to the product including Description video, Marketing video, Review video and so on. Right on the Product detail page, you give the customer a chance to rate the video. It means that the more videos are rated, the more trust your customers get. Click Here to see the Live Demo.

You offer customers chance to upload videos from Front-end: When customers want to share their experience of using your products, they can create a product video and upload on your site. The content can be approved before displaying, which is managed in back-end by web-store owner.

It is possible to manage all of your videos in back-end. With NetBase’s modules, you always have a simple way to install and configure them. With this module, it is also true. More importantly, all videos can be managed in back-end, allowing you know which is the most reviewed, most rated and most beloved. Therefore, you can understand more your customers, what they lover more when shopping on your site. Besides, right in admin panel, you can assign video to single or multiple products as you wish. Also, thumbnail image for each video will be automatically displayed according Dailymotion, Vimeo, or Youtube. Don’t be worried about the uploaded file size because you can configure video file size in back end easily.

It is not complicated for a web-store owner to install the Magento 2 Product video extension to your store. Video marketing becomes one of the most popular for e-commerce now for great results of increasing revenue, the number of audiences and traffics. You do not have to take so much time to complete the installation or configuration when choosing this product. Meanwhile, your revenue and sales have belonged forever. That explains Why e-commerce experts always consider using Product Video for Online-store.