What is a header?

In the web layout, the header is the top of the web page. It is the site introduction area where people see first before digging deeper. Headers are considered an "invitation" with the mission of providing core information about digital products so that users can capture information in seconds. Header is also an important factor in navigating website layout.

Magento 2 Marketplace Theme

What does the header include?

The header can include many layout elements, for example:

  • The basic elements of brand identity: logo, brand name, slogan, mascot, introduction image, company colors, etc.
  • The type of theme of the product or service
  • Links to basic web content categories
  • Links to important social networks
  • Basic contact information (phone number, e-mail, etc.)
  • Language converter in case of multilingual interface
  • Search field
  • School registration
  • Links to interact with products such as trial versions, download from AppStore, etc.

This does not mean that all of the above-mentioned elements are used in the same header, as they can cause information overload. The more the audience catches the user's attention, the harder it is to focus on the focus. Based on the design mission and business goals, you can customize the header elements to fit your business. With Magento 2 Marketplace Theme, you can completely customize the header element quickly and easily.

In this article, CMSmart will show you how to customize header elements in Magento 2 Marketplace by layer? You can also refer to how to customize the footer elements in the Magento 2 Marketplace theme according to the class that we shared in the previous article.

Please follow this simple video guide below:

How to customize header's elements in Magento marketplace theme from Cmsmart Netbase on Vimeo.

Headers are an important strategic area for any website. Each case needs its own approach to be compatible with the specific target audience. And don't forget, thorough user research is always a great way to come up with the most appropriate solution for header design. We hope you find a guide helpful. Now you can easily customize header's elements in Magento marketplace theme.

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