The release of Magento 2 version has not been too new with us. We could observe that this release has created a lot of buzz in the streets of the E-commerce market. Magento 2 is not just an update, it can be seen as the innovation that brings significant changes for the E-commerce store.

A lot of people talk about the reason why Magento 2 has become so popular or what’s new in Magento 2. However, in my opinion, the original reason is to make Magento E-commerce development efficient and power up the E-commerce store with the best functionalities.

How is Magento available to the businesses and E-commerce store?

Initially, in 2014, Magento 2 was released a beta version to get the feedback from developers regarding the technology stack update. After collecting the feedback and developers addressed the issues, the other version was released with all bugs fixed and quality concerns of codebase were considered.

Then, in 2015, it was the first time the merchant functionality has been introduced with the implementation of all the necessary changes, they will bring E-commerce development a breeze. You will also be impressed by the technologies added to Magento 2. Let's look at the upgrade in Magento 2 platform serving for your Magento eCommerce site:

Magento 2 is supercharged with Magento UI library, full page caching, CSS pre-processor and Magento performance toolkit. The Magento 2 that’s PSR compliant comprises following technologies such as HTML5, CSS 3, Require.JS, PHP 5.5, MYSQL 5.6.

Main benefits Magento 2 brings to E-commerce website:

The most outstanding advantage of Magento 2 that makes users prefer it is that businesses can reap from Magento 2 are the eCommerce store can be built and marketed quickly. Besides, the cost of development and maintenance are also reduced considerably. Magento 2 offers a lot of flexibility to add many features to improve store branding.

There is an interesting add-on for enhancing the E-commerce reach, boosting traffic volume and intensifying the customer’s loyalty. The aim to upgrade to Magento 2 is to ease the customization, modernize the technology stack, simplify the integrations and improve the procedures.

And how about Magento 1.x?

It is fair to say that over years, Magento 1.x with the technology stack has been optimizing for the seamless eCommerce designing and development. You can observe millions of the E-commerce store are built on the Magento platform. The appearance of Magento 2 cannot kill Magento 1.x definitely because Magento has continued the support to Magento 1.x stores even after upgrading to Magento 2. However, this support will not be strong as before, of course. Magento 2 offers the user the hopes for the unique advantages, the existing Ecommerce are increasingly hoping onto Magento 2 migration bandwagon.