Over the two decades, the printing industry has seen dramatic change. According to statistics, the web to print- Print on demand- market was valued at USD 867 billion with an estimated growth rate of 7.6% until 2025. However, in the face of a health crisis 2020, the coronavirus pandemic, have profoundly disrupted the growth of the global printing industry. Total value in this industry fell from $815billion in 2019, to reach a projected $743 billion in 2020. It is high time all Web-to-Print store owners start catering ever-increasing customer demands. Adopting the latest trends in this web-to-print industry to survive and grow has become a must. In this article, we explores the major industry trends to emerge in the wake of the pandemic together.

Web to Print Technologies

Automation print on demand process

As you know, any delay in a printing and drop shipping job can raise questions on the business owner about competence in meeting fulfilling customers exact demands. So, staying on top of customers demands has become all business owners’ major responsibility.

To cater to customers’ demands in a better and faster way, this industry has come up with ‘Automation print on demand process’. Fully automated processes and programs are improving both owners’ and consumers’ experiences gradually.

All these automated programs or process reduce dependency on manual processes. They not only help you auto-create designs but also automate manufacturing and production, printing processes.

Personalization Printing Product Options

A business constantly needs to maintain its unique brand image in today’s fiercely competitive market.

Besides, the personalization option isn’t just only about customizing design. It also includes customizing the format, specs, and other details of the product as per customers’ preferences.

Nowadays, customers easily access and select these personalization options. They just have to input their preferences and the Web to Print technology will recognize them. With a printing extension, customers can even design their products.

3-D Design Technology

3-D prototyping Design technology created the entire printing industry by storm. According to the annual report, the global market of 3-D printing is forecast to grow to nearly USD 50 billion by 2025. With more and more printers and designs adopting this technology, it surpassed other manufacturing in popularity.

3-D printing can not only be speedier but also more accessible. And a printing platform solutions or software design tool has boosted its potential further.

Integration with a Shipment Partner

Carrying out an initial transaction online has now ended up viable with the W2P technology. It doesn’t make any difference to shipment of a product to its vacation spot.

As a result, the significance of having a dependable delivery partner has extended.

The W2P software program transmits the shipping request to ship designs to clients to a 3rd-party just after the press of the ‘Order Now’ button.

The real-time connection between shipping partners and commercial enterprise owners is a reasonably new idea. It can move some distance in advance in the coming years.

Live Tracking also can are available in available. This feature continues a consumer informed approximately the popularity of their orders thru textual content messages.