Virtuemart Order Upload plugin

Virtuemart Order Upload plugin allows customers to easily upload files during checkout. With this plugin, your customers request a customized product by attaching PDF files, documents, images, graphics files, etc. to the order. You can decide whether to accept the attachment and start contacting your customers through the order. The Virtuemart Order Upload plugin is a great option to increase customer satisfaction. In this article, CMSmart will give you an overview of Virtuemart Order Upload...
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In the previous article, we introduced Virtuemart Order Upload plugin. Today, we will share with you how to install this plugin.
Virtuemart Order Upload plugin allows customers to upload templates, images, etc. before adding to the cart. Customers will be able to upload one or more files from the product page, and the store administrator will find these uploads directly on the Ancillary order details page.
A few more reasons to convince you to use the Virtuemart Order Upload plugin:
If you...
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Today, people communicate across devices with lots of ways to save time, and if you own an online store, you can't miss the Virtuemart Order Upload plugin on your website. Provide customers with a great shopping experience by allowing them to attach files to orders during checkout. You will be able to manage orders easily by receiving user-submitted files and information and attaching them directly to your e-commerce's order page (bypassing any email exchanges with users for sending files...
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You are running an e-commerce store that requires customers to be able to upload images or other files on the product page. It could be a print shop, a personal gift shop, a stationery shop or millions of other VirtueMart stores. But you need to be able to add upload files to product pages. With the VirtueMart Order Upload Plugin, adding images or file uploaders to your product page is much easier than you think. Setting up VirtueMart Order Upload Plugin is also very simple and will take you...
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2020, May 14

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