With every growing online business comes greater responsibility to satisfy customers and keep them coming back. An accessible e-commerce business, an intuitive web interface, and a clean yet beautiful web design– these are all factors that play a huge role in retaining and attracting customers. Users of web-based platforms often find that extensions to these platforms aid their productivity and increase the seamlessness of their workflow. With the Virtuemart Order Upload Plugin, all these needs can be easily satisfied.

Main Features of Virtuemart Order Upload Plugin

- Flexibility for Shoppers

Shoppers now have the ability to upload multiple images and files into the product listing pages before adding these products into their shopping carts. As the admin/business owner, you will also be able to view images and files belonging to the same order/buyer.

- Increase Efficiency for Shoppers

The option to upload these images and files all in one go with Ajax effects frees up more time for shoppers, allowing them to easily create more product images or files on the page. The Virtuemart Order Upload plugin helps them save time.

- Convenient Configuration of Images and Files

At any given time during the upload process, users can readily edit or remove any images and files without having to completely halt the upload process. Other configurations that can be done during the process include adjusting maximum file sizes and reviewing uploaded files. Once image files are uploaded, thumbnails are automatically created.

- Support for Wide Range of File Types

Virtuemart Order Upload plugin supports most major file types including, JPG, DOC, PNG, PPT, ZIP, RAR, PDF and MP3.

- Compatibility with Joomla

Never worry about having to perform core hacks with Virtuemart. Virtuemart Order Upload plugin is compatible with Joomla and comes equipped with easily customizable backend options.

- Accessibility through Modern Browsers

Whatever your preferred browser is­– Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari or Opera, the VirtueMart Order Upload plugin is compatible with them, and many more.

Notable Customer Reviews on Virtuemart Order Upload Plugin

Users of the Virtuemart Order Upload Plugin have sung praises of the spike of efficiency and productivity levels our product has brought to their e-commerce businesses. They especially loved the customer service and support that comes with purchasing the Virtuemart Order Upload plugin.

The product has seem to be helpful for businesses from different sectors and most users would recommend this plugin to any website that requires uploads during their checkout process. The plugin received 5 Star ratings from these reviewers.