With printing business owners, owning an online webstore is a must in the 4.0 technology era. However, to have an eye-catching, attractive website with many useful features is not easy, especially when the cost for building a complete and mobile-friendly website is so high. It can reach thousands of dollars. To make your website stand out and help your customers have easy experience why don’t you try Cmsmart WordPress Online Design Plugin? This is one of the best-selling products at CMSmart.net. With this plugin, your customers can free to design their ideas easier than ever which will amaze your customers for sure. Moreover, it is regularly updated to best meet the needs of every customer. We have just released the latest version 2.6.0 of NBDesigner. In this version 2.6.0, we have developed some new amazing features which I will introduce in this article.

You can access this following link for more information about the new features in version 2.6.0 of Online design products plugin.


After clicking this link, you can see that there are many demos that you can test. Choose your favorite one to see how it work!  Ok, next choose "Start and upload design" and choose "design here online". You will see our NBdesigner designing page. If you are one of the loyal customers of this product, you will see a few changes - Pretty nice templates J.

So let’s find out what you can do with this 2.6.0 version:

Add Photo frame:

At the NBdesigner designing page, click on "Elements" tab at the left sidebar, you will see "Frame" option. Click on that, you will see a lot of photo frames layout samples available for your choice.

  • You are wondering how to use it?
  • Click on a frame layout you like. It will be displayed on the designing zone.
  • Then click on "Photos" tab at the left sidebar, choose your favorite photo (I like the photos on Pixabay J)
  • Then, drag & drop a photo from the left sidebar into the shape layer to replace the current image
  • (there is use guide in the right sidebar).
  • The photos will be shown neatly in the shapes.

Add image Shape:

This is a quite interesting features

Keep exploring with me! First, select your favorite image in the photo section (still me, so I still select the photos on Pixabay J). You will see the "Create clipping mask" section. There are 25 different shapes for you to choose for your image. Click on it, you will have quite amazing pictures!

Add category icon

You are one of our customers and often uses our beautiful icons. Oh my God, you feel that there are too many icons to choose from (besides, we will update more and more icons for you). You need to find icons according to the theme you want but don’t know-how. Don't worry, in this updated version, we have created icons category which will help to solve your problem. Alphabet, Animals, Arrows, Astrology, Baby, Beauty, Business. 

With these categories, you can easily select your favorite print icons.

Fix undo & Redo.

Oh yes! This is one of the tools you often use on NBDesigner. However, this feature had a bug (We are extremely sorry about this). But please don't worry, we have fixed the bug and updated it right away in this released version! (Many thanks to our developer for fixing this bug quickly J). Now, you can use Undo & Redo. However, if there are any problems with NBDesigner, please report it to us immediately. We will be really appreciated with your kind feedback on this new version.

Above are my sharing about new features of NBDesigner version 2.6.0. Of course, this is not all, I will share more information about the new features of this product in the next article. If you have any questions about the product, please contact Vincent at the contact information below. He is willing to answer all of your questions. Remembering to use coupon code MAR_DL to get 18% discount for this item. 

Thank you for reading and keep following us to get more information in the next article! Bye, See you soon!

Best regards. 
Have a nice day!

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