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For the purpose of bringing customers the best product quality, we constantly research and have released version 5.5.3 of the WordPress Printstore package. One of the highlights of this version is The compatibility with Online Designer 2.6.0. This is also the most powerful tool of the WordPress Printstore package solution. However, It is not all what this version brings. Please take a moment to learn other interesting features that Cmsmart has developed in this updated version.

WordPress Printstore is a great solution package for print businesses. In order to print a product before, customers have to come to the printing factory That takes customer a lot of time and effort. It is also one of the reasons why customers do not want to use your service. Don't worry, all issues will be solved immediately with WordPress Printstore. Developed by Cmsmart, WordPress Printstore promises to help you build a smart, powerful printing site that integrates online design features.


versio 5.3.3 of wp printstore

Let’s find out what you can do with this 5.5.3 version:

Firstly, we improved Online Designer 2.6.0 compatibility into this solution package.

Compatibility with Online Designer helps printing companies allow their customers to customize a variety of print products. They can create their own designs without having experience in photoshop.

Secondly, update plugin Online Designer 2.6.0.

This plugin has some new features:

  • Add Photo frame: There are many photo frame layout templates available. So you can choose photo frames as you like.
  • Add image Shape: There are 25 different shapes for you to choose for your image
  • Add category icon: Provide the icon according to the theme you want. It helps you find icons easily

Third, update demo data

User experience is always Cmsmart's top priority. Therefore, we have updated the demo data. Experiencing this demo will help customers understand more about the product and the great benefits that this product offers.

Fixed: Minor CSS errors

CSS helps to change the style of the website and the user interface. However, in previous versions, it had some bugs. Do not worry, all issues have been resolved in version 5.5.3. Our developer quickly fixed this error. We always try to bring satisfaction to customers. Therefore, we have updated plugin Dokan Pro 2.9.14, Slider Revolution 6.1.3. 

Above are my sharing about update features of WordPress Printstore. If there are any problems with the package, please report it to us immediately at We will be really appreciated with your kind feedback on this new version. If you have any questions about the product, please contact Vincent at the contact information below. He is willing to answer all of your questions. 

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