The term Blog has been discovered according to the appearance of e-commerce. This is seen as an optimization part of search marketing. When online marketing and e-commerce became the trend of the world, Blog was also the social channel that everyone could access and create a network like Facebook, G+, Instagram and others. Absolutely, Blogs focus on web-site content management systems with effective tools like Comment, Feedback and RSS, and in general, it is really no different from a web-site.

Like any platform, on Magento 2 foundation, we can add a lot of key words in a Blog post, for example Magento 2, e-commerce, Social media optimization… which are all service our SEO firm provides. Certainly, the rules can change along with time, but we all understand the search engine optimization benefits of having a blog. Yeap, Blog is no silver bullet, but requires much effort of smart and hard working. With Online Marketing blog, we can receive a most of the traffic, newcomers, loyal customers and referrals.

Thus, a Magento 2 Blog extension that can help us optimize Blog SEO must be very important and worth when we run an e-commerce store. It could be via an online media room, to archive newsletter, post frequently asked questions or Promotion posts that tell customers about updates, discounts and new releases. They are a friendly search engine that becomes a viable source of great rankings. You also get higher revenue if you can install Blog software that increase credibility and communicate a more personalized profile for a company. Any steps on your Blog page will create negative or positive sides of your customers. A professional and useful Blog will help you save more loyal customers and boost you to up-level.


1. Interaction between You and Users
A Blog page is the place where we tell customers about our products, introduce new releases, updates and upgrades, promotion and let them leave comments if necessary. It is clear that this interactive channel created between website owner and users is very important for all. Especially, you host your own blog and develop your own content means that you are in control of message, keywords or links.

With Magento 2 Blog software, you set up a Blog like an online newspaper/magazine with unique and high-quality content. It is also very easy to customize the main columns of your Blog page including a Blog page with one column, two columns or three columns. By this closer channel, you have customers access and understand thoroughly your products, services and your e-business.

2. Various and Fresh Content

Magento 2 Blog extension allows you to show Recent posts, Related post, Blog post information and Related products. They are significant search engines, increasing the appearance frequencies of your Key words. Also, on each post on the Blog, you can add enhanced internal linking that lead users to your products in the fastest way. This is one of a crucial part of SEO for a web-store. The content of your posts can be changed in multi ways, ensuring to transfer the right message to audiences, like a sitemap or not like.

Blog search tool helps customers go to the post they want faster. After typing a key word in the box, they will receive related posts; they can have more than expectation. Blogging is an effective way for your content to fit into more search queries, boosting the number of potential click-through, as the result.

Magento 2 Blog software gives customers ability to share the post through social channels. Fresh content is like Google Adwords, meaning that a good blog will keep your site fresh, promoting Search engine optimization, encouraging customers to get shared through their individual social accounts. This is exactly what you are enriching your SEO.

3. Diversify accessible Devices

Fully responsive layout is also one of the main reasons why you should install this Magento 2 Blog extension. You explain What you provide, Who you are and How you comfy your customers with a more convenient way than others. Your viewers can access your site through smart phones, tables and desktop screens. Anything is better?

So, in conclusion

A blog is one of the best ways to establish yourself or your brand as an expert in your field, as it gives you a platform for sharing important insights and industry-related information. Certainly, this is always true for any cases of e-commerce platform, not just Magento 2. Magento 2 Blog extension is good for your site or not, you only need to take an attempt now.



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