The term marketplace can be explained as a web-based module where a vendor can sign up and initiate offering their items. Besides offering customers a variety of choices with so competitive prices, marketplace owners can also earn commission charge from each sale. When you combine online printing with the marketplace, you will be surprised at what you can achieve, this article will tell you why WordPress Printshop theme Enterprise package is integrated multi vendor:

What are people doing with ecommerce marketplace

You might be acquainted with worldly renowned e-commerce marketplaces like Amazon or Alibaba, they are all the typical examples for way to offer standard goods with more discounts, and, at times publish customized launch offers on a specific portal.

  • On the marketplace, there might be a lot of vendors proving smartphone and clients can choose what they like and buy it online and not from physical stores.
  • Online shopping portals are becoming the optimum platform for bargain deals, new product launches, heavy discount sales, seasonal product and buy-now-and-pay-later schemes.
  • Providing policies such as return policy, exchange policy, cash-on-delivery, etc. may work well in the long run to attract unconventional buys online.

Printing and Marketplace

Wordpress Marketplace for printing is not too different from a standard one, wherein some vendors are promoting it as a major tool to win large print orders.

Nowadays, we can observe the situation that trade printers want to provide online printing services to their reseller and designer, software organizations want to offer online web to print based mechanism for printers to upload their print product and earn commission on every sale. That's the reason why WordPress Printshop theme with online design package is integrated multi vendor. Our key objective when adding this function is to push their editor and charge thousands more to present customers.

Printing marketplace scenario

When WordPress Printshop theme with the online package is integrated multi vendor, re-seller can run an online printing website and generate orders, after that those orders will be sent to the printer for printing. How does it make sense? Provide the authority to key their own print products and fix print rates with suitable margins as it has been agreed between the two parties.

When marketplace operator can gather printers across the globe and offer their print rates. When buyers select an item and area of residence, they will get a list of registered printers. Unlike the traditional store model, marketplace provides clients a variety of choices in terms of paper quality, printing formats, cuts, front/back printing, quantity, etc.

Moreover, WordPress printshop theme package also comes with Woocommerce product designer tool, customers can design printing products by themselves before placing orders, which is quite difficult to do in the traditional model.


It can be said that adding multi vendor feature to WordPress Printshop theme is the great leap for a printing solution. Netbase team has seen the potential when combining marketplace and printing. At a very reasonable price to built such a model, you will be amazed at the benefits you can achieve. I hope your article brought many useful informations for you. If you have any question please feedback here Our Support team will help you and don't forget to use coupon code MAR_DL to get 18% OFF for this product.

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