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Vanessa Acook 5 star rating


Vanessa Acook

  Absolutely love this solution. It looks great and it just works. Good theme and the worth of money   

MArio Galindo 5 star rating


MArio Galindo

  The technical support has been amazing, Janet and her team (Giang Vu) always are ready to solve any problem, despite time zone, my company are Located in USA (11 hrs difference) and they response pretty fast, Thanks Guys Mario Galindo Fast2press LLC   

James T. Wells 5 star rating


James T. Wells

  That's so amazing when owning a printstore built by your theme, especially when my consumers user online design tool. The process is made very convenient for the customer and facilitates good customer experience. A good designer tool!   

Patricia B. Jones 5 star rating


Patricia B. Jones

  That's a great experience when using this WordPress solution for online printing. It was easy to set up and customize and I also received the professional support from your developer team. Very fast support, thank you.   

Tommy Simpson 5 star rating


Tommy Simpson

  This is the very first WordPress solution I've chosen for my business. Cause I'm just a newbie, I don't have much experience of building website, so I choose Cmsmart. Satisfied! It works amazingly. My clients are really happy with its appearance and functionality.   

Ella James 5 star rating


Ella James

  I'm a web developer and I also pay a lot of attention to graphic and how the theme is designed, this WordPress solution has all characteristics my client was looking for. I highly appreciate the user-friendly interface and well-organization of elements. Great.   

Shirley Martine 5 star rating


Shirley Martine

  Enterprise package works exactly what I want for my business. Very flexible, offers a great customer experience during checkout. I also like the way your developers works. They are all nice and friendly   

armenio 5 star rating



  Your product has reached the highest level of quality. I like the premium package !!! It is suitable with our printing company. Online design and shipping costs work so well, I think these two modules will influence our sales volume, I also want to thank all the support team for helping me set up the whole system. as fast. Thank you - WP printshop   

Demi Storey 5 star rating


Demi Storey

  Your product has reached the highest notch of quality. I like premium package!!! It is suitable with our medium printing business like us. Online design and shipping cost work so well, I thing two module influence our sale volume most and hope to see your upgrade version.- WP printshop   

Stephanie Adler 5 star rating


Stephanie Adler

  I really like the way you build it as the package rather than a theme. The interface is so clean, professional and impressive. This is a perfect example of what a theme should be.   

Abbie Bennett 5 star rating


Abbie Bennett

  I like package with multi vendor and CRM system. Although I cannot install by myself, developers team are so great and enthusiastic in supporting me!   

Brenda 5 star rating



  I've been using the theme for 3 months now and since this is a bit more complex theme because all of the custom options included which is awesome! I've been having some questions but the support team has been incredible! Giang, I appreciate all your hard work. Thanks Guys this theme is by far my favorite!   

Nora D. Nelson 4 star rating


Nora D. Nelson

  Code, template are so awesome. Support team served customers also well. Like!   

Yasmin Wood 4 star rating


Yasmin Wood

  Great job, guys. I love your online design as well!   

Jordan Goddard 5 star rating


Jordan Goddard

  Netbase team is close at hand to provide quick and efficient support anytime I get stuck. Thank you so much!   

Zak Jenkins 5 star rating


Zak Jenkins

  Hi, I have been using your solution for 3 months and also a loyalty customers with several websites all built with your products. I really love your solution and support team work so effective, bring me the feeling of family, never hesitates to give support. Your business is so amazing, very friendly and cooperative! Give you five!   

Mark B. Keisler 5 star rating


Mark B. Keisler

  Pros: Design is nice and simple, makes for a good looking site, extensions work smoothly, I like Woocommerce product designer plugin most. Had some issues but their customer service took care of me. Cons: perfect that I cannot find the cons   

UEMA S.L. 5 star rating



  Hello, Yes one thing more, the price matrix how do i have to activate? Because we currently see the standard attributes Regards   

satish 5 star rating



  Thank you! Grreat job!   

shkar 5 star rating



  thank you very much   

Tiar 5 star rating



  Very happy with the Theme and the overall ease of use. Also customer support has been amazing, prompt replies to all messages and easy instructions to follow. I recommend! Nice work!   

John Nelson 5 star rating


John Nelson

  Easy to install with impressive interface. Totally satisfied!   

Juan Cañas 5 star rating


Juan Cañas

  Great template , also has all the manuals needed for installation and operation of a web printing with great technical support, kindly give you a solution even if it is due to my inexperience in web design. Thank you so much. You are awesome   

Edith Vinogradova 5 star rating


Edith Vinogradova

  I am so surprised when applying your product to my site, it works even better than what I have ever thought before. You've done a good job! Thank you!   

Samantha Read 5 star rating


Samantha Read

  I don't really know what else to say. This is the Best Theme i have ever seen. Best useful money i have ever apent in my entire life. I wanted to thank you for all your hard work. Amazing.   

Who Will Be Interested in the WP Printstore Solution?

With Web to Print complete Solution, Our potential customers as printing suppliers. printing agency, brand market, trade printers, and so on

Brand maker

Brand maker

We offer private brand for printing businesses with exclusive themes and we also customize marketing assets

Designers and Trade Printers

Designers and Trade Printers

We collaborate with designers and hundreds of printers in many countries, offer commissions and storefronts

Sign Printers

Sign Printers

Provide ready templates for personal organization and also customize as requests with best offers.

Printing solution suppliers

Printing solution suppliers

You own a big printing business and want to manage everything clean and clear.

Print agency

Print agency

We offer online and custom quotes, do outsource jobs with vendor management.

Factory management

Factory management

Manage users and departments with ready templates, role-based access, and automated job sheets

Shop Owner vs Customers

With the powerful feature and friendly user interface, WordPress Print Design Plugin is really a useful tool for both the shop owner and their customers. Are you curious about what customers and shop owners can do with Our Web To Print Solution?

Wordpress PrintStore Websites with Online Designer Packages Workflow


NBdesigner allows admin to save their file into multiple layers PDF to print. He also downloads the file in SVG file. More flexibly, admin can covert PNG file into JPG and then from JPG RGP to JPG CMYK.

Wordpress PrintStore Websites with Online Designer Packages Workflow

Printstore System Workflow

This workflow diagram could help you understand more clearly how our system works

Wordpress PrintStore Websites with Online Designer Packages Workflow

Key Features for Web2print Shop

With the WP PrintStore Solution, you can create B2B and B2C e-commerce print shops and allow customers to view, customize, upload and order print items online, select from existing design or customize to suit your branding.

Must - Have Features For Printing Website

It depends on the package you choose, many hot features below will bring your business go further



Web to Print Online Designer is a must-have tool for all printing company which helps customers customize multiple all type of printing products. Customers have no experience in photoshop, but they also want to create their own design as customize T-shirt, mugs, pillow, photo, canvas, business card, phone case and so on.



Order uploads feature allows customers to add one or more files into your website for products. When an order is processed, an upload button will appear for you to click. Moreover, you can set thumbnail size and quality. You can also custom messages and notification which sent to customer after uploading a file.



Flexible Table Pricing Matrix feature helps your site display two or more variations of a variable product in the form of a pricing table instead of showing them in drop - down boxes. Save a huge time for your customers to get the final price!



With Warehousing & Fulfillment, you can store products sold at your e-commerce store at our warehouse, and we’ll fulfill your orders and ship the products directly to your customers under your own brand.


Backend Screenshots (10)

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See our changelog below to update your site better

Compatible with: WooComerce 3.0.x, WooComerce 3.1.x, WooCommerce 3.5.x, WooCommerce 3.6.x, WordPress 4.9.x, WordPress 5.0.x, WordPress 5.1.x, WordPress 5.2.x

Version 5.6.3 Updated: 2020, Sep 19

* Printcart package:

+ Update plugin: Ultimate Addons for WPBakery Page Builder 3.19.6

+ Update plugin: WPBakery Visual Composer 6.4.0

* Printshop package:

+ Fixed: Some css error

* Both packages:

+ Compatiable with Wordpess 5.5.1

+ Compatiable with Wordpess 4.5.2

+ Updated: Woocommerce template files

+ Update plugin: Slider Revolution 6.2.19

+ Update plugin: Netbase Solution 1.9.7

+ Update plugin: Online Designer 2.7.3

+ Update plugin: Dokan Pro 3.0.8

+ Update plugin: WooCommerce Dashboard for WP Marketplace & Multi Vendor Plugin 1.2.7

+ Remove plugin: Max Megamenu Pro Addon

Version 5.6.2 Updated: 2020, Jun 09

* Both packages:

+ Added: Integrated with WooCommerce PDF Invoices Pro

+ Fixed: Add to wishlist button style

Version 5.6.1 Updated: 2020, May 04

* Printcart package:

+ Fixed: Css pagination style 2

+ Fixed: Register button does not work

+ Update plugin: Ultimate Addons for WPBakery Page Builder 3.9.14

* Printshop package:

+ Fixed: Some css error

* Both packages:

+ Update: Woocommerce template files

+ Update plugin: Online Deigner 2.7.1

+ Update plugin: Netbase Solution 1.9.5

+ Update plugin: Dokan Pro 3.0.2

+ Update plugin: Netbase Dashboard 1.2.3

+ Update plugin: Slider Revolution 6.2.2

+ Update plugin: WooPanel 1.2.1

Version 5.6.0 Updated: 2019, Nov 29

* Printcart package:

+ Fixed: Translation text

+ Fixed: Author info option in customize does not work

* Printshop package:

+ Fixed: Minor css errors

* Both packages:

+ Fixed: Remove ajax cart when editing Online Design product from cart page

+ Added: Integrate with WooPanel 1.0.0

+ Update: Woocommerce template files

+ Update plugin: Netbase Solution 1.9.2

+ Update plugin: Dokan Pro 2.9.15

+ Update plugin: Netbase Dashboard 1.2.2

+ Update plugin: Slider Revolution 6.1.5

Version 5.5.3 Updated: 2019, Oct 30

+ Improved: Compatible with Online Designer 2.6.0

+ Fixed: Minor css errors

+ Update: Demo data

+ Update plugin: Online Designer 2.6.0

+ Update plugin: Netbase Solution 1.9.1

+ Update plugin: Dokan Pro 2.9.14

+ Update plugin: Slider Revolution 6.1.3

Version 5.5.2 Updated: 2019, Sep 25

* Printcart package:

+ Fixed: Css star rating

+ Fixed: Position of button design works with all options

* Printshop package:

+ Fixed: Some css error

+ Update: Dokan seller registration form

* Both packages:

+ Improved: Rewrite clear cache for Price Matrix

+ Improved: Rewrite module PDF Creator

+ Improved: Support chinese-characters for PDF Creator

+ Fixed: Price matrix does not display properly currency symbol

+ Fixed: Order upload can not attach file

+ Fixed: FAQs does not display properly

+ Update plugin: Netbase Solution 1.8.0

+ Update plugin: Netbase Dashboard 1.2.1

+ Update plugin: Dokan Pro 2.9.13

+ Update plugin: Slider Revolution 6.1.2

Version 5.5.1 Updated: 2019, Aug 30

* Printcart package:

+ Added: Product image Zoomer in single product

+ Fixed: Some css error

+ Fixed: All vc elements is not compatiable with wp bakery 5.0.4

+ Fixed: Frequently Bought Together does not work

+ Update plugin: Netbase Elements 1.2.3

+ Update plugin: WPBakery Page Builder 6.0.5

+ Update plugin: Slider Revolution 6.1.0

* Printshop package:

+ Fixed: Some css error

* Both packages:

+ Fixed: Can not save order upload in Solution Dashboard

+ Fixed: Color swatch conflicted with Online design.

+ Update: Woocommerce template files

+ Update plugin: Netbase Solution 1.6.0

+ Update plugin: Netbase Dashboard 1.2.0

+ Update plugin: Online Design 2.5.0

+ Update plugin: Dokan Pro 2.9.12

Version 5.5.0 Updated: 2019, May 31

Printcart package

+ Improved: Auto update Google Fonts in customizer

+ Fixed: Some css error

+ Fixed: Some textes does not translation

+ Update plugin: Netbase Elements 1.2.1

+ Update plugin: WPBakery Page Builder 6.0.2

Printshop package

+ Fixed: Some css error

Both packages

+ Improved: Header of Designer page

+ Fixed: Plugin below Woocommerce 3.6 does not install in Merlin Import

+ Fixed: Currency Switcher is compatibility with woocommerce 3.6

+ Fixed: Can not save dropdown elements in Solution Dashboard

+ Tested: Compatibility with Printful Integration for WooCommerce Plugin

+ Update: Woocommerce template files

+ Update plugin: Netbase Solution 1.5.4

+ Update plugin: Netbase Dashboard 1.1.4

+ Update plugin: Online Design 2.4.0

+ Update plugin: Dokan Pro 2.9.9

Version 5.4.3 Updated: 2019, Apr 10

* Printcart package:

+ Added: Support RTL ( Right To Left)

+ Fixed: Translation text cart page

+ Fixed: Color swatch does not work when selecting second thumbnail image

+ Fixed: Some css error

+ Update plugin: Netbase Framework 1.4.4

+ Update plugin: WPBakery Page Builder 5.7

* Printshop package:

+ Fixed: Some css error

+ Update plugins: Netbase Printshop Widgets for SiteOrigin 1.0.5

* Both packages:

+ Improved: Merlin import demo data

+ Update plugin: Netbase Solution 1.5.2

+ Update plugin: Online Design 2.3.0

+ Update plugin: Dokan Pro 2.9.7

+ Update plugin: Slider Revolution

Version 5.4.2 Updated: 2019, Jan 29

+ Fixed bug Online Design plugin style

+ Fixed bug product details style

+ Fixed bug missing product images

+ Updated Plugins

Version 5.4.1 Updated: 2018, Dec 12

+ Update WooCommerce 3.5.2

+ Fix compile JS, CSS Solution Dashboard

+ Fix text domain

Version 5.4.0 Updated: 2018, Dec 10

+ Update Admin Dashboard

+ Add Order Delivery Date

Version 5.3.0 Updated: 2018, Nov 02

+ Add Admin Dashboard (only for 10 new home layouts)

+ Update plugin Online Desgin up version 2.1.0

Version 5.2.0 Updated: 2018, Oct 01

+ 10 homepage layouts with Visual Composer Page Builder

+ Update Online Design plugin (version 2.0.0)

+ New core theme framework

+ Multiple Headers, Footers

+ Multiple Template Layouts

+ Unlimited fonts with Custom Fonts Upload and 800+ Google Fonts

+ Quick install with Theme Setup Wizard

Version 5.1.2 Updated: 2018, May 03

+ Fixed import issues

+ Fixed some options in product detail can not save.

Version 5.1.1 Updated: 2018, Apr 03

+ Now compatible with WooCommerce 3.3

+ New Product Images Slider

+ New Product Images Lightbox

+ New Product Images Zoom

+ Add style for Product Details page

+ Fix Yith Quickview bugs

+ Remove Statics page

+ Fix Order Upload options

Version 5.0.0 Updated: 2017, Oct 11

+ Add Admin Dashboard contains statistic widgets

+ Remake Order Upload

+ Remake Product Notification

+ Remake One step checkout

+ Brand new Price Matrix: Compatible with WooCommerce attribute, variation products

+ Simplify settings and add templates to order in PDF Creator

+ Improve functionality and visual in Ajax Cart

+ Improve performance in Ajax Search

+ Improve UX and functionality in Attribute Swatches

+ Fixed some bugs with menu style on mobile

+ Fixed other minor bugs fixed

+ Improve install process

+ Improve overall performance and usability

Version 4.8.0 Updated: 2017, Aug 16

+ Add Modules page to turn on or off Netbase Solution features

+ Remake Ajax Cart

+ Remake Ajax Search

+ Attribute Swatches: Improve UX and functionality

+ Fixed bug in Multi-Currency

+ Improve UX on FAQs page

+ Improve visual for Social Login

+ Improve speed loading page

+ Fixed some bugs with menu style on mobile

+ Fixed header style CSS issue

+ Fixed footer widget issue

Version 4.5.0 Updated: 2017, Jul 20

+ Added Modules Settings page

+ Remake Multi-Currency

+ Remake Shop By Brands

+ Remake FAQS

+ Remake PDF Creator

+ Remake Social Login

+ Remake Live chat

+ Remake Frequently Bought Together: Improve visual

+ Fixed some responsive issues in Home 5

+ Fixed an issue with parallax style in Home 8

+ Fixed some bugs with menu style on mobile

+ Fixed other minor bugs

+ Fixed some issues with Google Fonts

+ Fixed some display bugs

+ Fixed image cannot load in single page issue

Version 4.2.0 Updated: 2017, May 23

+ Added Multiple Payment Gateways feature

+ Added Rewards Points feature

+ Added Advanced Invoices feature

+ Added Affiliates feature

+ Fixed padding on testimonials

+ Fixed color of product name on home 2

+ Fixed font size of text

Version 4.0.0 Updated: 2017, Apr 19

+ Added a powerful Multivendor feature

+ Fixed text on slider of Home 5

+ Fixed CSS of 4 sections on Home 4

+ Fixed distance between texts in Price

+ Fixed style for recent blog post thumbnail

Version 3.5.0 Updated: 2017, Mar 23

+ Added Advanced Sales & Marketing feature

+ Added One Step Checkout feature

+ Added Newsletter feature

+ Added Promotion Pop-up feature

+ Added Product FAQs feature

+ Added Shipping Cost feature

+ Fixed arrangement of banner on Home 6

+ Fixed showing icon search on mobile screen

+ Fixed showing border on some products

+ Fixed color for icon cart

Version 3.0.0 Updated: 2017, Feb 16

+ Added Standard Sales & Marketing feature

+ Added Product Notification feature

+ Added Delivery Date feature

+ Added Coupon Code feature

+ Added Live Chat feature

+ Added SEO Friendly feature

+ Added Social Integration feature

+ Added Google Analytic feature

+ Fixed text color in Home 11

+ Fixed map movement

+ Fixed product hovering

+ Fixed responsive of product detail page

+ Fixed jQuery issue in 404 page

+ Updated online design thumbnail on checkout page

+ Updated showing top header

+ Updated changing color when hovering next/previous button

Version 2.7.0 Updated: 2017, Jan 12

+ Added Product Image Zoomer feature

+ Added Frequently Bought Together feature

+ Added Best Seller feature

+ Added Related Product feature

+ Added Shop by Brand feature

+ Added Advanced Reviews feature

+ Fixed hover issue on Home 8

+ Fixed small room in Chrome Browser

+ Fixed CSS Category in Home 9

+ Fixed “Add to cart” button in product detail page

+ Fixed distance in mobile screen

+ Updated color position on product detail page

+ Updated showing dropdown cart

+ Updated saving online design product faster

Version 2.6.0 Updated: 2016, Nov 10

+ Integrated the latest version Online Designer

Version 2.5.0 Updated: 2016, Aug 26

+ 11 updated home layouts

+ Added Color Swatch plugin

+ Convert Siteorigin page builder

+ Improved effect of slider

+ Improved the speed of the site

+ Fixed W3C validator issues

+ Fixed contact us styles

+ Fixed css blog single page

Version 2.0.0 Updated: 2016, Jul 02

+ Using SiteOrigin Page Builder

+ Optimize your page load speed

Version 1.5.0 Updated: 2016, Jun 05

+ Added new layout of Online design

+ Fixed bug in the package

+ Fixed CSS bug in product detail page

+ Fixed home page slider in Print-3D layout

+ Updated user guide

Version 1.0.0 Updated: 2016, May 05

+ Compatible with wordpress 4.4.2 and woocomerce 2.5, woocomerce 2.4.2

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