Marketing tools are ecommerce tools used by businesses to develop and market their products and services. The term 'tools' refers to approaches, tactics, and materials in this context. To increase sales, the great majority of firms employ a variety of marketing tactics such as advertising, direct mail, and market research. Businesses have a variety of marketing techniques at their disposal. Some are designed explicitly to increase sales, while others are designed to collect customer data.

Using an ecommerce marketing tool does not produce immediate results. It takes a great deal of patience and investment. Many times, businesses cannot afford to hire marketing specialists. However, there is a different type of expert out there: the eCommerce marketing tool. Ecommerce marketing tools are effective. These duties might include setting up payment choices, talking with clients, and staying in touch with your team. 

It is critical to understand which tools are appropriate for your company. In other words, what instruments are required to accomplish your key goals and objectives. People almost always utilize numerous marketing techniques at the same time. Because not everything works for everyone, what is the best marketing tool?

1. Content marketing tools for eCommerce business

Ecommerce and internet marketing techniques for eCommerce businesses include content marketing. It attracts new users and provides them with valuable information. It is possible that your material will be about your items. It might also be about your line of work. In any case, it must provide your consumers with something fascinating to look at or read. Choosing the right content marketing tool means that you have the best marketing tool you need to grow your business.

1.1 Grammarly

This eCommerce marketing tool is the greatest approach to have material checked so it's clean and comprehensible. You may also create writing situations. This implies that the program will assess your material differently depending on the context, such as business, academic, or informal.

You may install it as a Chrome extension to make it work with Google Docs. You may purchase a premium subscription as a company to receive limitless checks! The free trial is a fantastic way to learn how to use the tool.  Don’t miss this electronic marketing tool if you want to grow your business

1.2 Canva

This might be the best online marketing tool that you ever use. A website for graphic design tools that includes access to pictures and typefaces. It comprises design presentation templates. Templates for various social media platforms are also included. Filters, stickers, symbols, shapes, and typefaces can be used to enhance photos.

Canva is not only simple to use, but it is also free. To join, simply provide an email address. The website has a blog where you may learn the fundamentals. Canva may be used by businesses to create entertaining infographics. Not only the best ecommerce tool, these also are excellent for posting on blogs and other social networking sites.

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1.3 Trello

This website allows you to manage and organise your tasks by using their boards and lists. Trello may be used to coordinate both professional and personal tasks. Events and plans Comments, due dates, and necessary attachments are among the extra features.

Trello is a free service that can be used simply by joining up. It is available as an app on Google Play and the App Store. The Trello blog may be used to better understand and learn about the website, as well as to pick up a few tips and techniques. This is not a web promotion tool but it is a good tool to organize your work.

1.4 Slack

It is a website where people may exchange comments about initiatives, announcements, and projects. Users can interact through channels that have been set up by a team or project. Conversations, chat rooms, and files may all be searched, as well as information about other users.

Slack is a free platform that allows users to sign up and join pre-existing groups, as well as build their own workplace. Slack is also one of the most effective customer service platforms for eCommerce businesses. Slack now is becoming the favorite marketing tool for small businesses.

1.5 Google Docs

Ecommerce and internet marketing techniques for eCommerce businesses include content marketing. It attracts new users and provides them with valuable information. It is possible that your material will be about your items. It might also be about your line of work. In any case, it must provide your consumers with something fascinating to look at or read.

This well-known editing and collaboration ecommerce tool allows you to create and manage content while on the road. Businesses can use it to collaborate on content creation or to easily exchange material for editing and publishing. It also lets you alter the formatting, keep track of changes, and add pictures.

Docs may be accessed from any location. All of your thoughts and documents are saved in the cloud. You may write and edit from anywhere you are by just logging in with your email address. All you need is a solid internet connection, but Docs can't even sync new entries when you're not connected! This is the most popular ecommerce marketing tool that you don’t want to miss.

1.6 Triberr 

Triberr is a marketing suite designed for influencers and bloggers who wish to increase the reach of their content with easy sharing tools and built-in statistics. It enables agencies and corporations to engage influencer groups to endorse and promote their products or services.

This marketing tool integrates material into tribal streams so that members may share it with their followers. It enables bloggers to locate relevant material to curate as well as identify influencers that promote content. Triberr allows users to share material from their blogs, tribes, and followers to their social profiles. 

Triberr's Promote Post function makes it simple to promote content for maximum exposure. The Tribers community organizes like-minded people into Tribes to harness each other's social impact. It monitors individual link analytics and referral data to determine post-performance through automatically shortened URLs. Queue automates the whole social sharing process, from curating to scheduling to sharing. Curated content increases the likelihood of landing quality leads by driving incremental site visits.

2. Analytical tools for eCommerce business

Any website must have analytics tools. They are more crucial for eCommerce websites. You must ensure that everything is in working order and that nothing is leaking out of your sales funnels. Let’s find out what is the best marketing tool for small businesses.

2.1  Google Analytics

This is the most commonly utilized marketing tool in business. It aids in better understanding of your consumers. Analytics insights may help you assess how your market, content, goods, campaigns, and other elements are doing.

It will point you where your investments are failing so you may take corrective action. Google Analytics for eCommerce businesses also displays you how many visitors visited your website and how many made a purchase. This can help you create better strategies, product sites, and other materials.

2.2  Kissmetrics

This marketing tool assists you in better understanding your consumers and their behavior. It provides answers to typical analytical queries such as your most engaged users, best-performing products, and customer churn rates. This, in turn, will allow you to spend in stronger marketing efforts in order to get new consumers and retain existing ones.

3. Email marketing tools for eCommerce business

Email technology is the most convenient approach for an eCommerce firm to promote its products and services. Email marketing has become a comparatively faster and easier means of communicating with clients and consumers. Send relevant communications with a personalized touch using an email list for an eCommerce firm. This sort of ecommerce marketing tool also provides more options for improving your ecommerce marketing funnel conversion rates.

3.1 MailChimp

MailChimp is an email marketing platform that allows you to build, connect, automate, and improve your campaigns. Emails and adverts may be produced and sent to the appropriate people's inboxes or social media feeds. This ecommerce tool is easier to work using the built-in email designer.

Their built-in optimization tools assist you in getting to know your audience, acting on it, and learning from each campaign. If you require it, here is a comprehensive list of MailChimp alternatives.

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3.2 Campaign Monitor

Using the email customisation templates, this marketing tool may be used to build email campaigns for eCommerce businesses. These templates may be used to create engaging and appealing email advertising. The options for customisation and customization make it easier to build.

3.3 Active Campaigns

Send customized, relevant, and appealing emails, or set up automatic email answers in reaction to consumer actions. The website also aids in the management of all client data and includes a direct messaging function via which the business may communicate with the consumers.

3.4 Omnisens 

Omnisend is a wonderful solution for anyone wanting to use email marketing. It was designed with ecommerce in mind, and it comes equipped with a slew of features, emails, and automated workflow templates to get you up and running quickly. Omnisend's WYSIWYG drag-and-drop builder for emails, automation workflows, forms, popups, and landing pages eliminates the need for scripting.

This online marketing tool also provides other channels for ecommerce marketers to reach out to their customers: SMS, MMS, and push notifications are just a few clicks away and can be integrated to automated processes alongside email. This implies that you can develop a single automated procedure and reach out to your customers with timely SMS messages and push alerts.

3.5 GetResponse

This is a marketing tool for managing email marketing campaigns that provides marketing email styles and templates. It also includes statistical and analytical software. Unlike most, this website is available in 27 different languages. The software is also accessible on the Google Play and Apple App Stores.

3.6 Sendlane

This ecommerce tool is a cloud-based email marketing platform designed for content creators, digital marketers, and e-commerce businesses. Email automation, performance tracking, real-time reporting and analytics, and email retargeting are among the key features. Users may use Sendlane to build customised emails and send them to a certain section. Marketing managers may use the solution to generate mailing lists based on audience demographics, buying behavior, point of sale, geography, and other factors. Businesses can use email retargeting to activate and execute processes based on the user's engagement with the website.

Sendlane's event tracking feature captures audience data, counts clicks, and analyzes income produced by each email. The solution also includes a dashboard where you can examine information such as user history and website activity. Sendlane integrates with Shopify, Privy, Woocommerce, and other platforms. Services are available on a monthly subscription basis, with assistance available via email, live chat, and an online knowledge base.

4. Marketing automation tools for eCommerce business

This is an ecommerce marketing tool that is used to automate marketing actions and answers. Marketing automation technologies aid in the automation of duties such as emails, advertising, replies, and other website actions through the use of tailored and helpful content that aids in the acquisition of consumers and their happiness.

4.1 Zapier

This website assists in automatically moving information across your websites and applications, allowing you to prioritize other vital tasks. This website can assist you in creating a trigger flow and connecting your most-used applications to automatically deliver information.


You can call this a good marketing tool because this website is used to implement reward systems and decrease reliance on ads. To keep the top clients, point and incentive systems might be employed. 

4.3 Google Marketing Platform

This user-friendly platform is suitable for both small and large businesses. For intuitive testing and analysis of the app or website, both free and advanced analytical tools may be utilized. If you want to learn more about ecommerce marketing platforms and ecommerce solutions, see the more resources section of this article. Google marketing platform is really easy to use and highly effective. Therefore, you can say that this is the best marketing tool for small businesses.

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4.4 Drift

Conversational marketing is carried out on this ecommerce marketing tool. With drift on your website, you may have several discussions, whether solo or group. The LeadBot qualifies website visitors, determines whom to contact, and then organizes meetings.

5. Optimization Tools for eCommerce business

Conversion rates are critical for eCommerce firms. They provide information on how many visitors visited your website and either purchased anything or departed without purchasing. You can use these numbers to become an ecommerce tool.

They also assist you understand why someone abandoned the product—was it the UI? Or are there too many steps to check out? These are critical questions that any company should ask.

5.1 Hotjar

You may use this tool to track user behavior. Based on clicks, taps, and scrolling on your website, it goes into depth about what people desire, like, and dislike.

Determine where your consumers are leaving the site using conversion funnels. Find out what's wrong and fix it before you lose additional clients. Customer feedback is critical. Hotjar assists by distributing surveys and polls, allowing you to collect real-time feedback from clients regarding their experience on your site. 

Effective feedback assists individuals in understanding what they did well and where they may improve. They may adjust their behavior and try to improve it after they understand what is good and what isn't. As a result, feedback is an important tool for enhancing both individual and team performance. Using the right electronic marketing tools will help you to collect feedback.

5.2 CrazyEgg

This tool has access to your website's heatmaps, which show where users spend the most time and where they don't go. You can identify which parts are working well and which aren't, allowing you to minimize your losses on failing campaigns.

CrazyEgg additionally ensures that your Call-to-Action buttons are spotted and used. How effective are your email campaigns? Have any of your ad campaign visitors clicked on anything or purchased anything? Using this marketing tool to evaluate this will save you a significant amount of money in marketing efforts as well as a significant amount of time and work.

6. Social media marketing tools for eCommerce business

Social media networks are just as crucial for eCommerce marketing as they are for other types of marketing.  Using an eCommerce tool for social networking solutions may assist you in reaching your target audience where they spend the majority of their time- online!

Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat have made it simpler to interact with consumers and display your items. Marketplaces, sponsored advertisements, or basic swipe-up links may all be used. Businesses and customers have become closer and connect much better than before thanks to social media

6.1 Facebook Ads

You've undoubtedly seen advertising that you're interested in if you've lately glanced through your newsfeed. This is a Facebook benefit. Businesses may target certain audiences with advertising based on their browser history and queries.

Businesses may utilize the Dynamic Ads functionality to upload their complete inventory to Facebook, allowing them to hyper-target ads based on previous purchases and user data. Based on your prior clients, Lookalike Audiences will locate additional people who are interested in your items. With the help you can promote your products to the right target customers, this is the best marketing tool if you want to grow at facebook.

6.2 AdEspresso

Campaigns may be created and managed across Instagram, Facebook, and GoogleAds. There's no need to switch systems or pay staff for each one when you can receive all the information you need on a single dashboard.

You may share your campaigns with clients using AdEspresso. They may get a live preview of the campaign and see how it will perform before authorizing it with a simple click. This is a user-friendly marketing tool for everyone.



6.3 Statusbrew

Statusbrew is a good business marketing tool. By scalable and customizable social media marketing and management platform that enables sales, marketing, and customer service or care teams to harness the power of social media to better understand their prospects or customers and engage with them on the social media channels to which they belong. Statusbrew is designed to automate various social media-related actions and processes that are done and completed through teamwork and collaboration. Creating, planning, scheduling, and posting social media posts and contents is one of these activities and duties. 

6.4 Buffer

Buffer (known as "Bufferapp") is a social media marketing tool that may be used for a variety of purposes. The capacity to create and schedule content for distribution across several social networks, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, is the primary feature of Buffer. Buffer also provides social media reporting and monitoring. is really separated into three distinct feature categories. In many respects, these are distinct products. However, if you sign up for all three, you can connect them together and go to each one in the navbar.

6.5 Hootsuite

HootSuite is a social media management application. This marketing tool allows users to plan and post changes to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, WordPress, and other platforms. From a dashboard with tabs that organize all the social accounts to which you connect.

Users may implement and assess marketing strategies across all social accounts without having to sign in to each one separately. Users that upgrade to a premium account have access to sophisticated social analytics, audience engagement, team collaboration, and security features.

7. SEO and SEM tools for eCommerce business

If there's one thing you should know about eCommerce marketing tools, it's that SEO and SEM are critical. It's a difficult subject, and many individuals feel out of their element. With SEO solutions for eCommerce businesses, you can quickly get SEO and SEM out of the way.

To refresh your memory, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process through which companies appear on search engines organically as a result of terms linked to a user search. SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is the practice of promoting websites through sponsored advertisements that appear first in search results.

7.1 SEMRush

After reviewing your website's content, SEMRush determines the optimal keywords. It also considers where you might be able to employ backlinks and even compares your approach to that of your rivals! You can monitor the success of their sponsored advertising, organic keywords, and even their best-performing product listing ads.

SEMRush is SME-friendly, this business marketing tool will help you alot. It has more than 3 million users from all around the world. Use SEMRush to hyper-localize your campaigns or to find phrase-match keywords for SEO and PPC efforts.

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7.2 Ahrefs

Ahrefs is another eCommerce tool for increasing search traffic. Many business owners ask why their competitors are succeeding so well and how they might replicate their success. Ahrefs aids in competition assessments and keyword research. Their database has over 150 million keywords for the United States alone, so you can rely on them to identify the best keywords for your business.

Ahrefs offers lessons on how to utilize their products. You don't have to spend extra money on training employees, and you can start using the products right away.

7.3 AdNabu

If Google AdWords is an unfamiliar marketing tool for you, AdNabu has you covered. Their algorithms can create the finest AdWords advertisements for your company automatically.

AdNabu also makes advertisements. Before deciding on the ideal template, try out a few. You may do it for numerous campaigns as well! The technology relieves the stress of managing many campaigns at the same time, leaving you with nothing to do except wait for the results.

7.4 Google Ads

It's the best marketing tool for small businesses. Through sponsored advertisements, use Google Ads to put your company on the first page of the search engine. Google schedules these advertisements so that they appear when a consumer searches for anything similar to your items. This focused technique is excellent for generating leads.

7.5 SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb is a Market Intelligence service with several goals. What exactly is Market Intelligence? It is the collection of data that enables us to comprehend a market and its tendencies. This data also aids in the analysis of competitor performance in order to benchmark and discover growth factors. To address this demand, this ecommerce tool provides a comprehensive platform that allows for the study of several market aspects.

7.6 MozBar: 

MozBar is a free Chrome Extension that allows you to easily obtain link data and do SEO tasks while on the move. MozBar displays link metrics for pages and domains while you search, including Domain Authority, Page Authority, and the amount of backlinks for sites. You may also examine page components, browse search results from a different engine, nation, area, or city, identify the sorts of links on a page (followed and unfollowed, internal and external), and examine meta tags. You may perform an infinite number of page optimization reports with MozBar and a Moz Pro membership.


Ecommerce marketing tools are on the rise and are here to stay. Technology is also developing. This implies that there are a plethora of marketing automation solutions for eCommerce businesses available to assist you in increasing revenues and brand value. When you include customer service tools for an eCommerce business in the mix, all you have to do is discover the ideal fit! At CMSmart, we offer a wide range of solutions for your ecommerce business. Contact us now to increase your ecommerce site.


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