Artificial Intelligence is not a strange term but it has been still so hot topic in recent years. Every industry seems to put a lot of effort on harnessing the potential of Artificial Intelligence as much as possible and open source solution is not exceptional. Day by day, AI technology has been pervasive to your life and make you rely on it more and more without aware of that fact. According to the Gartner, about 80% of the communications with the customers will not be human-mediated by the end of 2020. Likewise, by the end of 2018, digital assistants will recognize the faces and the voices of the customers.

In the world of open source solutions, Magento appears as the most utilized e-commerce CMS with roughly 19% of Alexa’s top 1 million e-commerce stores built on Magento. When AI is applied more in Magento, in the near future, the market share of Magento will be really huge. AI will offer customers the shopping experiences similar to in-store shopping when they are in their home. So, in detail, how Magento would change with the influences of AI, let read this post:

  • Incredible shopping experience: AI will allow web owners to do three right: right thing, right time and right person. For humans, this is difficult and next to impossible to analyze the behavior of the consumers based on their historical data and provide them with personalized assistance bit AI can.
  • Focus on Context-Based Search and visual search: Any websites were also built to connect consumers and sellers, help consumers find the products they want so AI-powered searches will enhance this to a great extent. The search bar is the first place where any consumer would go to on any site. Moreover, nowadays, search tool will not just allow you to enter text, the name of product, with AI, customers can search by images. You can take picture of product and upload to search bar to find similar products from the supplier. This will make searching extremely easy and nearly instant, especially when you don’t remember the name or don’t know what it is exactly called.
  • Virtual Purchase Assistance: This feature hasn’t released but I know that it will be sooner or later. Purchase assistant will be able to analyze and monitor e-commerce stores for upcoming deals, new products, and the best feature will be that they can even add products to the cart on your behalf and can even perform the checkout process.
  • Keep transactions away from Online Theft and Fraud: The use of AI for preventing your website from fraud is not strange and it is not something like the stuff of science fiction. AI solutions can be used to enhance security across a number of business sectors, including retail and financial. By tracing the steps of card usage and device or endpoint access, security specialists are more effectively linking points of compromise and preventing fraud. Organizations rely on AI to trace those steps by analyzing the behaviors of transactions and devices.

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