Besides having full information on the website, having an address and physical store will help increase the reputation of the store to customers. However, due to many reasons, the store's location may change. With each time the location information is changed, will the administrator need to change information on the website? The answer is No. With Marketplace Multi-vendor Module for Magento 2, the vendors can easily change the location they want for their online shops on the Magento Marketplace website. In this article, we will find out How To Change Location For A Vendor By Marketplace Multi-Vendor Module For Magento 2? Here we go!

Marketplace Multi-Vendor Module for Magento 2 Main Features 

  • Separate Seller Interface: Provide a sleek interface for your sellers to manage their Profile, Settings, Products, Orders, Transaction List, and Sales Report right in seller account.
  • Seller Management: All sellers, as well as seller information, will be managed right in the back-end. Admin can changes status ( approve/disapprove), delete the seller, and view seller information here.
  • Support all types of product: Marketplace Multi-Vendor Extension for Magento 2 supports all product types available in Magento such as simple, configurable, virtual, downloadable, also using add-ons seller/vendor can create grouped and bundle product as well with attribute set.
  • Flexible Commission Management: Store owners can set commission on a global level which is applicable for sellers to whom the specific commission has not been set, as well as set commissions for each seller.
  • Product, Seller/Vendor Notification Email: Admin receives an email when customer register to become seller, seller add or edit a product and seller receives an email when your customer contact seller shop, admin approve/disapprove seller/seller product, etc.
  • Marketplace Seller Central: Your customer can see all seller shops on Marketplace page and they can buy products of seller shop here.
  • Edit Profile Seller: Lets sellers to add and edit their store information and logo.
  • Seller Attribute Management: Allow sellers to create an attribute for their product and the admin will approve this attribute in the admin panel.
  • 2 Types Of Fixed/Percentage Based Commission: Our module enables 2 different types of commission settings: fixed and the percentage which can be configured for a seller in the Marketplace.
  • Seller / Vendor Dashboard Management: Display sales report by using charts (Orders and  Amounts), and filter the reports by year, month, week, and day. You also view the recent orders here.
  • Seller Order Management: The seller can see all orders, order status, and view order to see detail about the order.
  • Seller Transaction Report: Includes all transaction amount when an order has completed.
  • Sales Report: Seller can see all shopping activities when opening the sales report
  • Marketplace Management by Admin: All information that is related to seller such: manage sellers, manage seller products, manage seller orders, manage transactions will be managed by admin.

Change Location For A Vendor By Marketplace Multi-Vendor Module For Magento 2

Watch the video below for a quick overview of how to change the address for a vendor:

How to change the location for a vendor by Marketplace Multi-Vendor Module for Magento 2? from Cmsmart Netbase on Vimeo.

Above is the tutorial video "How to change the location for a vendor by Marketplace Multi-Vendor Module for Magento 2?". With this extension The vendors- sellers can easily change the location they want. This is just a small feature of many other interesting features of this product. We hope you find a guide helpful. Now you can easily install A step checkout extension. If you want to have more experience with our products, please access the link: Marketplace Multi-Vendor Module for Magento 2. If you have any questions, please contact CMSmart Support Team. Thank you for reading!