Newsletters are probably the most economical resources you can consider to promote your business. Clients and leads who sign up for your e-newsletter subscriber list are providing you with the chance to build an association with them. When they sign-up to collect your e-newsletter in mail, it is possible to build strong relationship, develop reliability, and boost revenue by mailing the e-newsletter constantly. The more people signing up for newsletter mean that you are going to catch more sales.

What is the Best Way to Get More Subscribers?

Given below the most efficient way to collect huge numbers of subscribers for you newsletter mailing list in most economical way and that is by the use of newsletter popup form.

Use of Newsletter Popup Subscription Form

This is the simplest way to get more subscribers. In this method, admin can show a newsletter subscription form on home page or other landing pages of his store. Because popup are most prominent at the page, visitors can’t pass through without checking them. Therefore create more chances of subscription. Moreover, popup creation is not too much difficult for developers, however for non-technical person, several extensions are available in the market that can make this process nearly automated. One such plugin for Magento stores is Newsletter Popup Magento Extension by MageBuzz that gives extended functionalities to make and manage popups.

Where You can Show Newsletter Popup Subscription Form

Newsletter Subscription during Registration

You can show a newsletter subscription option during customer registration. Probably the customers signing up on your store might be interested for you newsletter. If 100 registrations take place on your store on daily basis, definitely you will get newsletter subscriptions of half of them.

Newsletter Subscription at Checkout Page

When someone purchased an item from your store once, it does not indicate that he will return back If needs the product available in your store. To secure its come back process, make sure you to catch the customer’s mail address as a part of checkout. Normally, a checkbox on the form works best for this

Newsletter Registration Popup for All landing pages

It is more beneficial to show popups for all pages like home, category, product, manufacturers, suppliers, blog etc. The reason is that it is not necessary that users always lands at home page i.e. users may land on product or category pages referred by organic traffic.

Newsletter Subscription when someone abandons

Not each client purchases very first time they go to a store. Think about adding a departure page on your website that requests visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. Furnish that page with main reasons to go for it – recommendations from other people who are getting the newsletter, assurance of alert for upcoming coupons, or taking free of cost merchandise when they register now, all techniques motivate newbie site visitors to sign up for your newsletter.

***Bonus Tip
Offer Gift Card for Newsletter Subscribers

Show a gift card at the popup newsletter subscription form that will convince the people to subscriber your newsletter. This is I think the most common and most effective tip to get more subscribers using the popup form.


A newsletter campaign can’t be successful without big list of subscribers. Therefore your first step should be in the direction to collect more and more subscribers. Stay tuned to CMSMart’s blog for more tips about newsletters.