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WooCommerce is a free and open-source plugin designated for Wordpress. It provides a friendly and convenient platform for every form of online business. WooCommerce consists of various features namely delivery, payment methods, choosing of products, etc. However, in respect of clothes retailers, there still be a challenge to them as well as their customers as WooCommerce has not developed any plugin for color swatch features which would gain a competitive edge for those retailers if it were put in. Our guideline below will introduce you to Variation Swatches for WooCommerce. It will help you present product colors, sizes, styles and many things in a better way.

Variation Swatches for WooCommerce plugin provides you a more convenient way to display variations of your products without making changes to the default drop-down style of WooCommerce. Your target audience is now allowed to swatch different colors, sizes, styles, the label on each product to find a perfect order as their wishes.

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Some benefits of Variation Swatches for WordPress T-shirt design theme with online design?

  • Perfectly integrated with Wordpress: As Variation Swatches is designated for Wordpress, it could perfectly replace the dropdown fields with color and image swatches without incurring any further malfunction. 

  • New options: Variation Swatches gives you the opportunity to get accessed with new options such as creating Image, Color, Label or Radio Swatches, style swatch as Square of Circle, creating unlimited Color Swatches, create color and image swatches on a per-product basis, etc.

  • Friendly display: Let's say this is the most significant advantage of Variation Swatches Compared to other like plugins. As it helps you re-organize your shopping page with detailed and unduplicated image of products. There are also options for styling the swatch button style. You can choose either Round Edge or Sharp Edge As long as it fits your page’s overall theme. 

  • Easy for administrators to operate: Variation Swatches Display is so well-documented that you could smoothly operate on first try without any user manual templates. Even if you need one, we would be pleased to give you detailed guidelines as our caring system is 24/7 available. 

  • Convenient for customers to swatch: Attribute swatches act like a catalyst in increasing customer interaction on the online store. It’s easier for customers to access the variations options if they are right in front. With the application of per-product attribute swatch, you can show the color and size variants on the screen and no more drop-down list headache is needed. Your potential customers could also zoom the swatch image on hover and have a clear look on their chosen products. 

  • Variation Gallery Images: This attribute may help you in presenting your product in a better way. You can use it to present the different views of your product like top view, front view, and side views.

  • Making a contribution to sales: Variation Swatches is, too, equipped with Taxonomy colors and images to show global attributes per product that reaches a variety of clients. If The frontpage is designed scientifically, sales will increase rapidly soon. 

  • Frequently updated features: Our product will be updated monthly to improve and make use of every feature every day.   

Tutorial video to config and using color swatch feature in wordpress Tshirt solution

How To Config And Using Color Swatch Feature In WordPress T-Shirt Design Theme With Online Design? from Cmsmart Netbase on Vimeo.

We hope you find our guideline helpful. Now you can config and use the swatch feature in Wordpress for the T-shirt design theme. For more product information, please access Tshirt Woocommerce Solution Demo. Please do not hesitate to raise further questions about our products, contact our Sales Consultant Manager for your convenience. And do not forget to use coupon code MAR_DL to get 18% Discount for this item. 

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