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It is undeniable that the WooCommerce plugin has created a well-managed storefront for T-shirt Solution businesses. With its friendly and easy-operated display, WooCommerce helps you and, of course, your target audience access all necessary information of products such as image, label, color, and price. However, if there is a product with a range of price depending on its size/color, it will be distributed on different categories which makes your page dispersive and confused to customers. Our Price Matrix feature is here to address this problem and assist administrating your online store!

Price Matrix for WooCommerce simply replaces variable product dropdowns with a price table by harnessing the power of WooCommerce’s own product variations. By using Price Matrix, you will be able to create an easy-followed storefront with logically organized items. 

How to Configure and Use Price Matrix feature in WordPress T-shirt design theme

Let us show you the benefits of using our Price Matrix feature: 

  • Organizing storefront: Price Matrix feature helps your store display be businesslike with categorical distributes. Every item would be placed in a single page, yet still display all ranges of its price. Customers will have easy access to product information and make choices that suit their preferences.

  • Easy to operate: Even if you are not a software expert, Price Matrix still allows you to get acquainted with its features in a short period of time. Each setting item is followed with an index entry that briefly and detailedly explains the function of that item and how you conduct it. Besides, we provide you with a thoughtful caring system that will always be 24/7 available to support. 

  • Self-design capability: The administrator is allowed to choose a style for presenting the price button either round edge or sharp edge. The front store appearance is now under your control. Design it aesthetically and convey messages to your customers. That’s the key to marketing strategy. 

  • Scientifically displayed: Price is demonstrated in either tabular overview or individual format that facilitates customers a detailed as well as general look. An administrator could also modify and arrange prices when necessary. 

  • Convenient management and modification: As products are now grouped into their own categories, administrators can easily monitor products and effortlessly make changes in price without consuming time. 

  • Flexible compatibility: Our product is well-developed to be compatible with different devices. Now you can easily make changes on your frontpage by using a smartphone or PC at any time and anywhere. This feature is new and adapts to the development of technology around the globe.

  • Branding: Pricing can actually be a great part of your branding and marketing strategy, whether your business is a ‘low-cost leader’ or a ‘high-quality expert’ who customers will pay higher for, a well-managed pricing list can help you establish your place in the online-clothes industry.

  • Frequently updated features: Our product will be updated monthly to make it better every day. 

Tutorial video of Configure And Use Price Matrix Feature In WordPress T-Shirt Design 

How to Configure and Use Price Matrix feature in WordPress T-shirt design theme with online design?

We hope you find our guideline helpful. Now you can config and use the Price Matrix feature in Wordpress for the T-shirt design theme. If you want to try Demo, please click Premium Tshirt Website template DemoPlease do not hesitate to raise further questions about our products, contact our Sales Consultant Manager or Support Team for your convenience. And do not forget to use coupon code MAR_DL to get 18% Discount for this item.

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